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then so be it


Well if this is true .....anything to stop bill gates   .......i have never  ever  trusted that man one inch.......i see him as  the  devil of the tech world .....if  russia is fucking up his  gig   ..... rock on  big daddy  putin ....fuck up the new  world  order ........and  all those   fucking  zombies that follow  ...i hate  sheeple ......and  mostly people  .......99 percent of the  globe   need  fucking wiped  anyways ........we are living in times  where  social media is just breeding fucking retards  on every level.....  from  cunts   ingesting cinamon powder fuckers  doing and  getting injured on milk  crates dumb bastard  eating the hottest  peppers  ...... just for likes......  and  attention....i have never  ever  witnessed  a generation or time  .......where  the  most  self obsessed  insecure ......low self  worth nation of  fucking  dirt ...... just dying for  attention or money .....anything to make a  buck  doing  stupid shit  i mena  worthless  crap  for  attention  are you that fucking lonely can anyone  not love  themselves is beyond me  ......anyway i hope  vlad is  fucking up bills  plans  ....i love ukranians   especially hot women ....... ukranians  of  course  that's because i am a  fucking pig .....however if it means  fucking up shit  rock on vlad!!!!!!.....

Michael Flynn Says Putin’s Ukraine Invasion Is Disrupting Bill Gates’ ‘New World Order’

Michael Flynn - Credit: AP
Michael Flynn - Credit: AP

Michael Flynn, Donald Trump’s disgraced former national security advisor, wants you to know he’s the “last guy” who would be an apologist for Vladimir Putin, the Russian leader currently conducting a murderous attack on Ukraine.

Flynn would also like you to know, however, that Putin’s invasion “has now upset” plans for a “New World Order” organized by people like billionaire Bill Gates, who are (somehow) pushing to eliminate “God and a soul.”

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That is a conspiracy theory word salad from Flynn, but it goes toward a dangerous end: setting up Putin as a hero to a host of conspiracy theorists and covering for an invasion that has caused mass death and suffering in Ukraine.

“Someone like Vladimir Putin has upset this balance of the New World Order they were trying to achieve by going into Ukraine. And you know, I’m probably the last person that’s going to be a Putin apologist. I won’t be, but what I do understand are the dynamics that are playing out in Ukraine right now,” Flynn said on March 8 during an appearance on Thrivetime Show, a podcast hosted by anti-vaxx commentator Clay Clark. Together, Flynn and Clark have organized the Reawaken America tour, a far-right event traveling to cities across the U.S. featuring conspiracy-pushing speakers such as Eric Trump, Roger Stone, and MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell.

Flynn continued his rant on Clark’s podcast by claiming that the World Economic Forum and billionaires like Gates are angry with Put


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