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As i was saying

You see as i was  saying about social media breeds  nothing but fucking idiots .......and here is a prime example ......a pair of  stupid  bastards   breaking  the law ......... to make  a stupid fucking video for  social media .....its the beginning of the end of normality  ......the extent  low self worth people  will go to  , get attention .....becasue their  parents were  shite parents .......simple  simple......  dolly dimple .......if your  parents  gave you attention ..... you would not  crave  it as  an a dult would  spread  the love  to heal media  is  good in some  regards   like  crimes  commited  or  drunk fuckers  confessing  some  bullshit  like that fashion designer   years ago  .....however   breaking the  law  to make a  stupid  video need  to  go to  jail  to get some  sense  fucked into  resulting in blood farts ......simple .....these  two need  a  good  fucking to knock some sense into them ........


YouTube couple faces serious charges after 24-hour 'challenge' at Target: 'No regrets'

A couple in Pennsylvania were surprised at the legal trouble they found themselves in after they tried to spend the night inside of a Target to film a YouTube video.

Johnson Larose and his girlfriend Charlotte Fischer co-run the YouTube channel called Saucy and Honey. The channel has more than 21,000 subscribers and features the couple doing viral challenges and pranking each other.

See this bedroom turn into a vibrant oasis after an incredible one-day renovation:

In one video that they posted on Feb. 21 titled “24 HOUR OVERNIGHT CHALLENGE IN TARGET (CAUGHT?!?),” Larose and Fischer filmed themselves walking into a Target 30 minutes before it closed and then hiding in order to stay at the store overnight.

“Guys do not attempt what we are attempting at home. We are entertainers. We are risking trespassing. I don’t know what else can happen after that. If we get a fine or get arrested, I don’t really know. I don’t really care,” Fischer said in the video.

Fischer added that they wouldn’t be stealing anything from Target and supplied their own water bottles and snacks, as well as wipes and mason jars, should they need to use the bathroom.

The couple set up a fort out of product boxes on the bottom of a shelf until the store’s lights went off and then they wandered around the aisles filming themselves.

Then, at 8 a.m. the next day, Larose and Fischer left Target.

In addition to uploading a video that showed footage of them in the Target after hours, Fox 29 Philadelphia reported that officers were called to the store at 3 a.m. the night they slept over after an alarm went off. Police said they searched the building but did not find anyone.

The next day, however, after learning about the alarm going off, Target employees watched security footage and saw a couple walking around the store after hours with their phones out — presumably Larose and Fischer.

“It became a little bit bigger of an investigation, trying to find out what they were doing, was there something criminal?” police detective Scott Pezick said at the time.


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