Tuesday, March 15, 2022

i am glad


I have had covid twice........ and i would not wish it on anyone.........  except  china ......why you may ask........ they gave it to me twice  .....and  lied .......... and  as  we  all know ......  it was  made in a lab......china  just lie  about everything...... and  as  i have experienced  they are the most racist of  all people i know  ......i live in duluth  GA.....it is one third  asian population ....and when you go to the supermarkets  you see it  clearly ........however   i do hope  china  gets  worse .......  the country  abuses  people ....... especially muslims .....and of course they have no regard for  animal life ........ on any level at all 

t defeat.

Facing the worst national outbreak since the first wave of the pandemic, authorities have introduced lockdown restrictions in cities across the country, with production lines falling idle in the tech hub of Shenzhen and offices shuttered in the financial capital Shanghai.

Under President Xi Jinping, the Chinese government has stuck to a strict zero-COVID policy since the virus emerged in Wuhan in late 2019, locking down entire cities whenever cases emerge and using mass testing and strict quarantining to bring local outbreaks under control.

But Chinese virologists say the arrival of the Omicron variant and its new “stealth” subvariant—both of which appear to evade China’s Sinovac vaccine—could leave that policy in tatters.

For those in the Americas or Europe, the case numbers reported from China still seem pretty small: Authorities confirmed 1,337 new locally transmitted cases in mainland China on Monday. By contrast, the U.K. is currently seeing more than 200,000 cases a day, according to the main COVID tracker.

But the example of Hong Kong, the former British colony that is officially semi-autonomous, is worrying. Omicron appears to be running virtually unchecked through the population of the island territory, which has registered an average of 40,000 cases a day over the past week despite widespread vaccination.

Worst-hit on the mainland is the northeastern province of Jilin, bordering North Korea, where many residents are restricted to their homes except for grocery shopping trips every other day. Jilin has recorded more than 4,000 cases in the past fortnight.

But multiple smaller outbreaks have also been recorded. Shenzhen, a city of 17.5 million people bordering Hong Kong, registered 66 new cases on Saturday, prompting authorities to suspend public transport, close factories—among them the huge Foxconn plant that produces the Apple iPhone. Residents have been told to stay home for the next week except when they are called for three rounds of compulsory testing.

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