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Every monkey and their uncle knows these  oligarchs are fucking  criminals .....they have to give  vladimir  some of their  cash  .....its  a known fact  .....he  looks after them  its  corruption  if they had nothing to  hide  why are they scrambling likes  peasants  chasing a  bread  truck ........if they have  nothing to fear ....russia  is  killing kids  and  innocent people  .....but with war its  business  simply a fact  .....something good  might come out of it  .......or  maybe  a  dire consequences  like  nuclear  war...........vlad is  bad  .... he  might just be  crazy enough to push the button  ...after all  when your  rep in on the line....... and  failing   just never  know  ...won't be the  first or  last time know  these insecure  macho  bastards  their image is  fragile  like an egg .....there is  nothing more fragile  than that  of the  male  ego  .....easily crushed  .....a weak man  has  an  ego  its  liek a  securiry  blanket   its  usually  the  chest puffing or  the  arm  folding and  the  girl holding his  arm  .....the  greatest  display is   wrestling .......those  amch  pretend  wankers   pretending they hurt each other  in underpants .......very   very  dodgy  male   homo  erotico  shit ....but   americans  love that stupid  shit   not sure  why ......i do not  get  men  wrestling in underpants  .......very very  dodgy .....the  more  mach  the dogier ........thats  my perception who cares  ....i dont  .

Abramovich flies into Moscow as yachts are seized and caviar banned in hit to Russia's rich

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By Catarina Demony, Francesco Guarascio and Ali Kucukgocmen

ISTANBUL/MADRID/BRUSSELS (Reuters) -Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich jetted into Moscow on Tuesday as the Spanish government seized more assets belonging to Russia's rich and the EU banned exports of caviar and luxury goods.

Abramovich landed in Moscow early on Tuesday after taking off from Istanbul in his private jet, according to FLIGHTRADAR24 data. A source familiar with the matter said he was not in Russia to meet with President Vladimir Putin.

It was the second trip a jet linked to the oligarch has made between the Turkish city of Istanbul and the Russian capital in the past three days, the FLIGHTRADAR24 data showed. On Monday, he was spotted in the VIP lounge at Tel Aviv airport before the jet took off for Istanbul.

Abramovich was among several Russian billionaires added on Tuesday to an EU blacklist that already includes dozens of wealthy Russians. World governments are seeking to isolate Putin and his allies over the invasion of Ukraine, which Russia calls a "special operation."

The latest sanctions follow three rounds of punitive measures which included freezing of assets of the Russian central bank, exclusion from the SWIFT banking system of some Russian and Belarusian banks, and the asset freeze of oligarchs and top politicians, including Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

EU companies will also be no longer allowed to export to Russia any luxury goods worth more than 300 euros ($330), including precious stones, crystal, caviar, wine, handbags, leather products, shoes and coats. Exports of cars costing more than 50,000 euros will also be banned.

This is intended to impact on the lifestyle of Russia's elites, an EU official said.

Britain also imposed fresh sanctions on hundreds of Russian individuals and entities on Tuesday, using a new law to catch up with the EU and United States in targeting people accused of propping up Putin.


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