Saturday, August 21, 2021

i will never understand ...........

 As long as there is blood coursing through my veins .......i will never  understand  why a 78 yr old man would  want to take  on this much  shit ......unless  there  are  hands up his arse  operating his  dead  body ........i mean  at  78  you wanna  slow  down and  enjoy your   fucking life  whats  left of  it ......unless  you  area  greedy  bastard  for money......i mean at  78  you  should be  enjoying the fruits of  your  life  ......i can tell you this for a  fucking fact  .....if  god  spares  me  to live  to  70 .......i will not be  working sirrreeee!!!!!! bob ....unless  you have  sponging  gawdawful lazy ass ......good  for  nothing  mooching bastard  kids .......then you got to  keep  working to support  those  leeching  little  parasitical fucks  .....which those   fuckers  should  be  ashamed  of  themselves  taking your  money  .....this is  why i  never  had  kids   thieving  fuckers   you never  get rid of  them............because at 18 i would have  kicked the bastard  out  ........empathy and sympathy are for the weak dying and  terminally ill  .....that's  it no exceptions  pity  is   wasted  on  everything else ........

Majority says Biden is out of it, aides are doing his job

Majority says Biden is out of it, aides are doing his job
In this article:

Preelection concerns that President Joe Biden wasn’t physically or mentally up for his new job at age 78, the oldest-ever chief executive, are now settling in as the public sees him slow-walking, refusing to consider questions at press conferences, and seemingly befuddled with the crisis in Afghanistan.

Not only has his average approval rating fallen below 50%, the lowest of his presidency, but a new survey has found that in addition to likely voters believing that Biden is not all there, they believe that aides are doing his job.

In the survey, Rasmussen Reports said 52% of respondents said they are not confident that Biden is physically or mentally “up to the job of being president of the United States.” And 41% of respondents said they are “not confident at all.”

Another 46% said they are confident in Biden.

Women, men, white people, Republicans, and middle-aged to elderly voters lack confidence in Biden, according to the survey.

The survey outlet also asked, “Is Joe Biden really doing the job of president, or are others making the decisions for him behind the scenes?”

Again, a slight majority, 51%, said others are doing his work, while 39% said Biden is in charge, down from 47% in March.

Those numbers are worse than the findings from a similar SurveyMonkey poll just one month into his presidency when 33% said he isn’t mentally sharp enough for the job.

The polling shift from a third to a majority having questions about Biden parallel other findings that the public does not expect Biden to finish out his term and expect Vice President Kamala Harris to fill in.

The Rasmussen survey also follows a troubled period for Biden. He has failed to push through his high-spending infrastructure bills, has seen election reform stall, is grappling with the largest illegal immigration crisis in U.S. history, and appears unconcerned about spiking inflation.

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