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it won't make any difference


If you think jeff  gives a shit have to be kidding ....apparently on NPR ......national public  radio .....there was a  segment  saying that over  19'000 amazon employers  were injured at work ........that to me is a lot  .....and they say they have a  great safety  records  .....but apparently the demand on amazon workers  is  relentless worker  said they have  11 second  to scan and  stack each package ...........but as i have always said....... there w ill never  be a  shortage of long as there are men who have a wife and kids  to feed  ....there will be no end in sight ,.....any time soon ......and this is why a  man is standing outside  his  165 million dollar mansion ,  do you think he got rich .....jeff did not do it ......this is why he has a  165 million dollar mansion.....apparently he  could  give  every one of his workers  100 k and it would not affect  him after the money he  mad   from covid 19......and anyone who orders from amazon........ is to blame for this guy who is protesting  ....not jeff who order  ....jeff is not the root cause  does  jeff  get rich ....from us,,,,,,,  i have never  ordered  anything from amazon yet .......i will not give him   membership fee to give him business .....and of  course he owns whole foods  he has  another  feather in his  cap .....which i have noticed  has  gotten more  like   every other  supermarket now ......what ya going to do .....stop globalization ....nope .......don't hate the player .....hate the game.........

A fired Amazon employee led a protest in front of Jeff Bezos' $165 million Beverly Hills mansion over workers' wages and job protections (Evan Sully)
Former Amazon employee, Christian Smalls, stands with fellow demonstrators during a protest outside of an Amazon warehouses in the Staten Island borough of New York on May 1, 2020. <p class="copyright">REUTERS/Lucas Jackson</p>
Former Amazon employee, Christian Smalls, stands with fellow demonstrators during a protest outside of an Amazon warehouses in the Staten Island borough of New York on May 1, 2020.
  • Former Amazon employees alongside other organizers protested in front of Jeff Bezos' Beverly Hills home on Sunday.

  • Demonstrators had a list of demands, including "adequate protective equipment and cleaning supplies, as well as an increase of $2 per hour for hazard pay," the Los Angeles Times reported.

  • While workers have been protesting for months and some have even sued, Amazon has maintained that it's been taking good care of its employees. 

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Protesters led by a former assistant manager at Amazon took their frustrations to the gates of Jeff Bezos' home in Beverly Hills, California over the weekend.

The group got together on Sunday at Will Rogers Memorial Park before proceeding to Bezos' mansion and protesting work conditions, calling for free healthcare and an increase in hourly wages, the Los Angeles Times reported. Bezos paid a record-breaking $165 million for the Warner Estate in California, and has since reportedly paid another $10 million for the house directly next door.

The demonstrators demanded "adequate protective equipment and cleaning supplies, as well as an increase of $2 per hour for hazard pay," according to the LA Times. Furthermore, attendees reportedly carried signs that read "Tax Bezos" while chanting the words too.

Amazon faces multiple lawsuits from employees over its working conditions during the pandemic.

Sunday's protest was led by former Amazon employee Christian Smalls, who used to be an assistant manager at one of Amazon's fulfillment centers in Staten Island, New York, the LA Times reported. The march was also sponsored by a group he founded called Congress Of Essential Workers, according to the report.

The view of the front gate of the Jeff Bezos-owned Warner Estate. <p class="copyright">RB/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images</p>
The view of the front gate of the Jeff Bezos-owned Warner Estate.

Amazon fired Smalls after he assisted in organizing a previous walkout protest in March over the company's health and safety policies at its fulfilment centers after a coworker tested positive for the coronavirus. Smalls has claimed Amazon's firing constituted retaliation, which Amazon has continually denied.


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