Tuesday, October 6, 2020

i despise this record


As i am not a parent and  will never  be one ...or pertain to be one .....or interested in having a person that has  kids .........some people love them.......good luck....they to me ....area  a bad R.O.I     a bad  return of investment ,,,,....and some kids  who  become rich help their parents out ,,,,,,,but very few  they usually hang around  their parent  ....sponge  like leeches  like my friends  kids  do ,.....and  they never  stop  giving them money .......however  .....this is  to do with the record  baby shark ....i briefly heard it for  half a  minute  and  would rather  have a pineapple shoved in my arse ....it's like that record  by swedish group aqua ....barbie  girl  ,,.....grossed them millions and  was  the most annoying song .........about barbie .......it was a  discoey........ boppy  sort of addictive......... annoying record  that got stuck in your cranium the babay shark bastards  have proceeded  to make millions  from it and  Disney has  bought it .......or some of these  kiddie channel ....but if i wanted  to start a riot i would use  it ........like that frozen shit .......i cannot imagine being a  parent  trapped in a car with crumb snatchers  having to listening to that shit  all the way  home .....parents are retarded  .....i would lose my shit ........kids  can play that shit 400 times  and  never  get bored  ....that's because everything is new  to them ,........and that's why i don't have kids   for those  very sole reasons of parenting ........having to pt up with the  fucking godawful music ........that and  being  forced to lie....that's the beauty of  being a parent  ....you  can become a full time bullshitter  an it's okay with everyone ....... 

Playing ‘Baby Shark’ on repeat as punishment gets jailers charged, Oklahoma DA says

Chacour Koop
Playing ‘Baby Shark’ on repeat as punishment gets jailers charged, Oklahoma DA says

Jail officers accused of forcing inmates to listen to the children’s song “Baby Shark” on repeat have been charged in Oklahoma, officials say.

Detention officers in the Oklahoma City jail handcuffed inmates to a wall and loudly played the song over and over for up to two hours, according to the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office. The officers subjected inmates to the “cruel and inhuman” treatment on several occasions in late 2019, officials say.

Christopher Hendershott, Christian Miles and Gregory Butler are charged with misdemeanor cruelty to a prisoner and conspiracy. Miles and Butler played the music, and Hendershott, who was their supervisor, is accused of failing to stop the mistreatment, according to court documents filed this week.

“It was unfortunate that I could not find a felony statute to fit this fact scenario,” Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater told The Oklahoman. “I would have preferred filing a felony on this behavior.”

Sheriff P.D. Taylor said Miles and Butler resigned during an internal investigation, and Hendershott retired, the newspaper reported.

Surveillance video shows the detention officers removing inmates from their jail cells and handcuffing them in a room where defendants meet with attorneys, according to court documents. Other times, they handcuffed inmates to a wall and forced them to stand, prosecutors say.

Miles told investigators he and Butler used the tactic as a way to punish inmates because they felt the detention center wasn’t correcting behavior, documents show.

None of the inmates appeared combative in the surveillance videos, officials say.

Investigators say the music put “undue emotional distress on the inmates who were most likely already suffering from physical stressors.”

A jail trust took over operations of the detention center in July.

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