Friday, July 31, 2020

sporting is shit now

Are people actually buying into this shit i like some sports ......... but most of is ass grabbing jock shit ......i used to like football when i was a kid for Americans. ....but that's when it was a man's game .....not like the prima donna pussies now ....... and  the teams are not teams....... they are just made up of overpaid jocks stupid are people buying into this cardboard audience ........are they really falling for the canned  cheers on TV ......... no cunt is there ......the stadium is  empty ....of course if you like sports....... and are easily pleased ......... then you will watch 2 otters fuck....... as long as you have your bowl of chips .......and your fav shirt on.......i have never  understood why a fully grown ass man put on a soocer or football shirt ...... to watch a tv..... its not like they know you are watching ...and what's with clapping at the tv ....its not like they are watching .......are they???????

ESPN reportedly chooses its new 'Monday Night Football' booth for 2020 season

‘No guarantees’ but cautious optimism over the NFL’s return: Browns owner

Pilot Flying J CEO, and Cleveland Browns owner, Jimmy Haslam speaks with Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous and Brian Sozzi about what to expect from the NFL’s upcoming season.
The vacant “Monday Night Football” announcing booth appears close to being filled.
According to reports from Jim Miller and Andrew Marchand, ESPN is expected to announce a three-man “MNF” booth for the 2020 NFL season: play-by-play analyst Steve Levy, and color commentators Louis Riddick and Brian Griese, both former NFL players.
The network shuffled the booth after last season. Joe Tessitore and Booger McFarland handled games the past two seasons. They were also joined by Jason Witten in the 2018 season before he came out of retirement to rejoin the Dallas Cowboys.

Could ESPN’s plans change?

Miller notes that things could change if the college football season is canceled. That suggests that the CFB tandem of Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit might take over if that situation plays out.
As things stand now, Fowler and Herbstreit will call the first scheduled game of the MNF doubleheader in Week 1.
The trio of Levy, Riddick and Griese, along with sideline reporter Laura Rutledge, called the second game of last year’s ESPN doubleheader, the Week 1 game between the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders. Levy and Griese have teamed up for years calling college football together.
Riddick is a mainstay for ESPN’s NFL and college football coverage on several different platforms.
The MNF booth has been something of a revolving door since Mike Tirico left the network for NBC. He handled the play-by-play job from 2006 to 2015. Jon Gruden was Tirico’s partner for most of those years, and he stayed on for another two years — alongside Sean McDonough — through the 2017 season, prior to taking over the then-Oakland Raiders’ head coaching job.
Would the cancellation of college football result in a switch from the reported trio of Levy, Riddick and Griese? That’s unclear. An email to two ESPN spokespeople has not yet been answered.
For now, it appears we have clarity on who will be calling games this season on Monday nights – if the NFL season happens.

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