Saturday, June 1, 2019

she must have known

Meghan markle is no clean bill of  health neither   calling the president nasty a little  hypocritical .......i mean  she was  not like  to  pure  herself  by royal standards  ,,,,,i mena  hs is  a mutt   ....a  half  breed  going into a  blue  blooded  family .......and  she  is  disrespecting her  president  .......

You  everyone is   all too busy  condemning Donald trump and  all  ...when most people  are   fucking  drunks.....thieves ......junkies....potheads......pill heads .....lazy cunts .....mouthy  pricks ....and would fuck  their  cousins if  it  was  not illegal in many states ......all the  people that  condemn   him are  no  angels  themselves   ;;;;a lot of   fucking shit stains  .....after  all ...unless your  head is  up your  ass ....he is   just  doing what  every  American  man  is  afraid  to  do and  say .......all men  cheat  ....and in their  mind  they do   to .......he is  just like  every other   guy   maybe  Meghan   markle  should look at her  dad .......i think this  who process  bollocks  has  gone  to her  head  ........and  by the way  ......she is  not that  fucking important  ,,,,,in the  line of  things in  frgomore  hall ......don't sound  to elegant  ......and  the  whole   duchess of  Sussex   ......i mean   cor fucking blimey mate  ....Sussex!!!!!not  like  Windsor  or   Buckingham shire ......all bollocks  anyways .....maybe that  royal dick is  affecting her ,,,,,,,,she  is  way too  far  down the  line to become important ...........

Donald Trump was surprised to learn what Meghan Markle had been saying about him. [Photo: Getty]
Donald Trump was surprised to learn what Meghan Markle had been saying about him. [Photo: Getty]
The controversy between the President and the Duchess of Sussex continues after he described her comments about him as “nasty”.
He found out that Meghan Markle had described him as “misogynistic” and joked that she might stay in Canada (she was filming ‘Suits’ in Toronto at the time) if he was elected.
On learning about her comments, Donald Trump said: “I didn’t know she was nasty.”
Shortly after making the comment he was quick to give praise to Meghan.
He went on to call her a “very good American princess” and shared his hopes that she would “succeed”.
His comments were made ahead of his first state visit to the UK on 3 June. He has previously visited the UK and had tea with the Queen but it wasn’t an official visit.
Meghan Markle won’t be meeting with the US President next week as she’s still on maternity leave having given birth to Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor on May 6.
The President will be meeting a number of Royals on his trip, including the QueenPrince Charles and Prince Harry.
However, he didn’t realise that he wouldn’t be meeting Meghan during his trip. On learning the news he said he “hopes she’s OK” after giving birth.
Although the Duchess of Sussex is officially missing the President’s state visit because of her maternity leave, there has been speculation that it is, in fact, in a bid to avoid an awkward encounter.
Meghan Markle was vocal over her support of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential campaign and described Trump as “divisive”.
Continuing to discuss his state visit, the President said he was looking forward to meeting the Queen.

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