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everest a joke

Mount Everest ....its beginning to  become a joke .....a traffic jam of people waiting in line to  climb the mountain .....many inexperienced always there is  always someone   fucking it up for  someone  else ......always ......there is never  and  end  to stupid fuckers doing stupid shit   ....just because they have money ......or   for  macho bollocks reason.......just because you have money  does not mean  you have a  gram of  common sense ......nope!!!!!seen it time and  time again  ....usually in fact it makes more  people   fucking more  stupid and lazy .........

However  Everest used to be  a  real deal when real men  who  had  ambitions  wanted to try and  prove their manliness ........still don't get it  ....its a fucking mountain  ....its  fucking  freezing and there is no  7-11 or  convenience store  ....there  mights as  well be  for  the amount for  numb nutted  assholes  trying to climb  it .......i have never  ever gotten that  why any man  or  group of  men  want to  get  together  ,,,,,and  climb a lonely  cold  path    to  the top of  a  mountain........maybe there is  a  more intimate  reason know  broke  back mountain  ....maybe  some  guys   want to  be   more  into  to  the whole  manly  gathering thing ......than they are prepared  to say .......i have male  friend a  few   ......and  i can honestly say they are married  and  boring and i  can  barley  stand  to be  around  them  for    little  time .......usually if you are  single and  have a  friend  who is  married  they  are   about  as  much  fun as  a full ashtray  ....they cant and  wont  do  fun ........their  idea  of   fun is  limited .....they are  married !!!!!!they  wife  has  taken their  balls and  spine ........

so moving on  after  my rant  Everest has become a fucking joke  with inexperienced  climbers  and  usually dumb fucks  trying to prove a  point ........its not  fucking cheap  to  hike....this  behemoth at all .......some  say in the  range  It cost   about a    100k   to get  bragging rights  to  up this baby about  donating some of  that money to hungry and  dying  kids   you shit plug ......still its your money !!!!!!!but you  can bet  a lot of  these  fucking dock heads  are  married  assholes  getting away  from their  nagging wives  cunts at the gold  course  the only reason  golf is popular   because  married  fucker  sprint to the  course  to get away  for   their  other  half ........

Anyways  Everest is a good tourism money  earner  and  apparently  rich spooled  pricks are messing it  Worth garbage  and  leaving shit  behind ....lazy smug pricks know i have  said it now  and  will  say  it again ........women live  longer than men  because  men are  fucking  stupid  bastards ...........they have  fragile  egos....and  put their  dick before their  brain ......that's  why  divorce is a good  business .......and  always a younger  women  will take  away a married man  his  dick will always  make  a  decision for  him .....and usually its a  costly one ......women are  smarter than men  usually....they don't   do  shit that  will kill  them  unlike men  who  have  to prove  point  ,,,,,or  test their  macho  bollocks ........

Everest  used  to be  untouchable in its  day  now its  just a playground  for  stupid  rich  guys  .....and you  can bet   mostly white  fuckers  too .......brothers  don't like  that shit they like  clubs   bars  and  Pole  dancers .....and  weed  .......simple  dynamics .....really .......

Mount Everest has gotten so crowded that climbers are perishing in the traffic jams

Climbers line up to stand at the summit of Mount Everest in this May 22 photo, released by climber Nirmal Purja's Project Possible expedition. (AFP/Getty Images) (Project Possible/AFP photo)
Anjali Kulkarni, an Indian mountain climber, trained for six years to make it to the top of Mount Everest, the highest mountain peak in the world. She finally fulfilled her longtime goal when she reached the summit this week. But it was the descent that killed her.
Her son, Shantanu Kulkarni, told CNN that she died after getting stuck in a “traffic jam” on the mountain.
“She had to wait for a long time to reach the summit and descend,” Thupden Sherpa,who organized tours on the mountain, told Agence France-Presse. “She couldn’t move down on her own and died as Sherpa guides brought her down.”
As of May 24, at least seven climbers had died or gone missing on Nepal’s Mount Everest since the start of the climbing season in March. 
Two other Indian hikers, Kalpana Das, 52, and Nihal Bagwan, 27, also died this week. Keshav Paudel, who organized tours on the mountain, told AFP that Bagwan was “stuck in the traffic for more than 12 hours and was exhausted.”
On Saturday, a 44-year-old British man, Robin Haynes Fisher, died shortly after reaching the summit, bringing the death toll for this season to at least 10, as a few days of clear weather attracted huge numbers of climbers hoping to scale the 29,029-foot peak.
“Our guides tried to help but he died soon after,” the company Fisher traveled with told the BBC.
A number of other people have died elsewhere in Nepal’s Himalayan mountains this season. Nepal has issued around 380 permits for those hoping to climb the mountain, AFP reported. They cost about $11,000 each, and hikers are accompanied by local, and sometimes international, guides.
A chilling photograph from Everest shows a long line of mountaineers queuing to ascend a steep ridge to the summit. The photo was shot by Nirmal Purja, an avid mountaineer, who wrote in an Instagram caption that he estimated there were 320 people waiting in line.
Traffic jams create dangerous situations for climbers, who are often already exhausted and carrying heavy loads while battling altitude sickness, which can make people dizzy and nauseated.
Gordon Janow, director of programs at Alpine Ascents International, has been organizing treks to Everest for about 30 years. He said overcrowding often occurs, but “every year seems to be worse and worse.”
When a line starts to back up, “you’re changing your natural pace so you’re spending more time in this high altitude zone than might be necessary if you were climbing 10 to 15 years ago,” he said. Alpine Ascents currently has a group of a dozen climbers on the mountain, he said, and one of the most important skills for the guides who accompany them “is knowing when to turn people around."
“The idea isn’t to push yourself to the ultimate maximum to reach the summit,” he said. “Then there’s no steam or energy left in your body to get down.”
Everest attracts climbers from around the globe, and the victims come from diverse backgrounds:
  • Séamus Lawless, an assistant professor of computer science at Trinity College in Ireland, went missing May 16 when he slipped and fell shortly near the summit, on a different side of the mountain from where the main traffic jam is taking place.
  • The Independent reported that a second Irish climber, Kevin Hynes, died Friday. He had climbed parts of Everest before, and the British group he traveled with, 360 Expeditions, said in a statement that he was “one of the strongest and most experienced climbers on our team.”
  • Earlier this week an American, Donald Lynn Cash, 55, of Utah, died after falling sick, possibly from the high altitude. It was unclear what role, if any, the traffic jams had in his death.
  • And a 65-year-old Austrian man is also among the dead.
Last year, 807 people reached the mountain’s summit, more than had ever reached the top in a single year before. When climbers choose to scale Everest, they do so understanding the perils they could encounter along the way.
In addition to the risks of altitude sickness and exhaustion, there have been a number of avalanches on the mountain over the years, including one set off by the catastrophic 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal in 2015. In that instance, an avalanche swept down the mountain and through a base camp, killing at least 18 people and injuring dozens more.
Still, most who make the trek expect to come home.
Cash, who took a sabbatical from his executive job at BMC Software to finish scaling the world’s seven highest peaks, wrote on LinkedIn before his trip that he was “excited to look for the next chapter of my career in June when I return. Safely. With all my digits.”
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