Monday, June 17, 2019

Boeing apology

Boeing today apologize for the loss of life on the two airlines. That crashed..... the 737s well you know this slug who represents Boeing does not give a flying fuck about life ..... Hehad to apologize if you didn't it is bad. You know this guy
Is a piece of shit Boeing doesn't care about lives it cares about money don't be fooled by this narcissistic wolf in sheep's clothing Money Talks pH of these people what did lost that's how you make up to them not an apology we'll just don't cut it now money everybody's after money boy knew this shit was going to happen but profits over life's like how corporations profits over lives ....they don't give a they had  to say an apology to make them somewhat humane..... even though the Mindless wealthy money driven subhuman bipeds do stuff like this guy's because as long as people want get to where they want to go.... And fly....
And reasonable price there will always be Planes full of people like I said goes. Right to the bottom line

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