Friday, May 24, 2019

About time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About time  she  cashed in ....she was  useless  weak and  totally incompetent ...she was  like a  female Obama    totally weak in her  delivery  .....she  would not stand up have  to stand up to the  system  ....UK needs  to  get out of  the  EU  its a  fucking bunghole   full of  fucking lazy sods ......still i have  said the UK has become a  fucking swamp  ...the country is  shit ......the  last time i went  home  i saw  nothing but garbage  and  stupidity ......i lived in a bunghole town in Scotland called  Denny ......let me say this was  voted the most  depressing place in Scotland  by website  .....and it was   named the  Gaza  strip of  Scotland ........yes its a bunghole of  humanity and   religiously divided  by  soccer and  stupidity and  alcohol ........but i noticed the  dramatic change in this little shit hole town  very dramatic  changes  in the people......but i guess when you leave a  bunghole and  go back to a bunghole  don't think like a bunghole mentality .........but if you live there  don't move  too far away and  breed  and  live in a shit hole  you acquire a  shit hole mentality .......some people  ....breed   work live and  die in these  little shit hole  towns ......same with pottsville  Pennsylvania...... just like  Denny a  depressing little shit hole town .......and  jonesboro Arkansas a deliverance type religious racist white shit hole town  .......just like Denny i have  experienced  these  bungholes  ...i am not sure if it was  Good thing or a  bad thing .......but i know UK is  becoming a  shit hole  of epic  proportions  ........its funny  how some  people  in these  little shit towns  just breed and  never  do anything the so called  family i had  there .......just breed ......never  move have  kids  in their  bought  council houses ....with their  little patch of front lawns i saw this the last time i was  there  council houses  bought and  little  stamp style from lawns .....maybe 10 by 10 ......lawns  enough  for a  deck chair and  a  table for  beer  probably ........they are called  breeding stalls   same with Missouri .......people  who just  keep pumping out  little  john Deere  kids  they are  called ...........

however  what the fuck  did  Theresa   may do  except lick Obama ass  while he  fucked  shit over ......a traitor and a bitch .....never  liked  both of  them as i saw  them as  weak .....weakness is a terrible  quality  ....usually  pity   is  derived  from it  ......because if you don't have the strength to fight you will use pity to  try and  achieve your  ill gotten gain its a  fact  jack ........

UK  is  a complete   filthy mess .......i mean  pensioners are    broke  while immigrants  are  getting paid  thousands  in welfare  checks  its a  fact .......Brits  ......yep  i am not making this  shit up on the net  .....old pensioners  cannot afford  to heat their  places  while  immigrant  families  with  10 kids  getting  all sorts of  benefits  .....whats  fair  is  taking care of your own  first ........or is that wrong begins at home  folks   ......i am  glad that old  bitch  resigned  i  actually  though  she  was a  female  version of  Hilary  Clinton  ./....whom i think is  a  man .....maybe who knows  who  cares  right  .....not  i !!!!!!......

the  brexit  bollocks  UK  has   become a spineless   cunt of a  country    get to fuck out of  Europe look at some  countries   they are infested  with lazy  bastards.....Greece  is broke Ireland  and  Portugal .......fucking bungholes .......stop propping up   shit holes ,.......i hate  laziness  ......i don't  think countries  should support  Europe   lazy  asses  .....look at Russia  it takes  shit from no one   you don't  see immigrants  flocking to  Russia  do you know  why   because  they  know  they will get  fucked  ...that's why  its a  fact ......

its like when people  tell em  Scotland  the  brave ,,,,,,,how it shit out  on the  lost  chance  to  be independent and cowered  out like a  little  bitch   ......55%  of the  country  shit out  ...brave my ass ........i am  embarrassed  to be a  Scot  when i see  that a country shit out  for  a historical chance to be  free .....Scotland the  brave my ass .....anyways  glad you are  fucking off  Theressa you were   an  abortion  prime minister......good  riddance  ......go play fucking bingo  somehwere !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leadership hopeful Liz Truss said: “Very dignified statement from the Prime Minister. She has put her all into the job and has shown huge resilience at this difficult time. Thank you.”
Michael Gove, who remained loyal to Mrs May throughout her time in office, said: “A moving speech from a Prime Minister who deserves our respect and gratitude.”
Just hours after Theresa May resigned, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt and senior MP Sir Graham Brady both announced they are entering the race to take over as leader and Prime Minister.
The final straw of her doomed premiership came when a last-gasp effort to win support for her Withdrawal Agreement Bill backfired spectacularly and it became obvious her Brexit deal was dead in the water.
Brexiteers within her own party were enraged by the concession of the offer of a potential second referendum and customs union arrangement announced on Tuesday.
Labour and the DUP also said they would not support the deal.
Andrea Leadsom dealt another blow when she quit as Commons leader on Wednesday evening saying she had lost confidence Mrs May would "deliver on the referendum result".
Mrs May delivered her speech this morning shortly after meeting the chairman of Tory backbenchers at 9am.
Her announcement means she will still be in power for Donald Trump’s state visit on 3-5 June.
British Prime Minister Theresa May is seen departing from Number 10 Downing Street to attend Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs) in the House of Commons on the eve of European Parliament elections. (Photo by Dinendra Haria / SOPA Images/Sipa USA)
Theresa May's final attempt to deliver Brexit was a spectacular failure. (Photo by Dinendra Haria / SOPA Images/Sipa USA)

‘Brexit means Brexit’

Theresa May’s failure to lead Britain out of the EU ultimately led to her demise as Prime Minister.
After campaigning for Remain during the Brexit campaign, she faced an uphill struggle to persuade anybody to believe in her born-again Brexiteer credentials.
Despite her often repeated soundbite of 'Brexit means Brexit', the deal she managed to negotiate with the EU was essentially deemed not Brexit-y enough for the hardline Eurosceptics in her party.
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Brexit Secretary David Davis await the arrival of Prime Minister Theresa May before she delivers her keynote speech to delegates and party members on the last day of the Conservative Party Conference at Manchester Central on October 4, 2017 in Manchester, England. The prime minister rallied members and called for the party to
Theresa May's proposed Brexit deal struggled to win the support of Brexiteer Conservatives. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)
A number of her own MPs refused to be won over and voted against her deal - some of them on each of the three occasions she put it before MPs - and her last-gasp effort to win over the Commons was what eventually forced open the exit door.

'No deal is better than a bad deal'

Before January 2017 hardly anyone had an opinion on a no-deal Brexit. But after Theresa May introduced the notion that ‘no deal was better than a bad deal’, the idea of abandoning the difficult negotiations with the EU and leaving without an agreement was seized upon by Eurosceptic Tories.
Warnings about the consequences of no deal - food shortages, expensive groceries, miles-long queues at the Dover border, compromised safety for citizens - weren't enough to persuade rebel MPs to back a deal they feared could potentially tie the UK to Brussels indefinitely.
It was clear by spring of this year Mrs May no longer - or never had - believed no deal was a viable option. Unfortunately for her, Brexiteer MPs disagreed and remained willing to vote down her deal.

'Strong and stable leadership'

Theresa May inherited a slim majority when she took over as Prime Minister.
Cashing in on her apparent popularity and wishing to gift herself a smoother ride through Parliament, Mrs May called a General Election to take place in June 2017.
Attendees hold a placard bearing the slogan 'Theresa May: Strong, Stable Leadership in the national interest' at a Conservative Party general-election campaign event in Norwich, U.K., on Wednesday, June 7, 2017. MayƂ said she'd be willing to tear up human-rights legislation to combat terrorism in a move the Labour opposition said was an attempt to distract from her cuts to police, as security dominated the closing stages of the U.K. election campaign. Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg
Theresa May's attempt to persuade the country to support her 'strong and stable leadership' in a General Election massively backfired. (Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg)
But her campaign slogan - urging voters to back her ‘strong and stable leadership’ - didn’t work. During the campaign support for Labour and Jeremy Corbyn surged and voters abandoned May.
She ended up losing her majority and was forced into partnership with the DUP, making it much more difficult for her to get Brexit legislation approved.

Crumbling cabinet

Theresa May premiership was beset by a record number of resignations.

36 minister have quit during her time in office, many in protest at the way she has dealt with - or failed to deal with - Brexit.

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