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the scottish culture ........

Well here we  have  the scottish culture ....a amn looking for  fmae  in downing  2 bottles of  buckfast in 20 seconds .......

must have been great parents ....if you have to  go to those lengths to get attention were obviously raised by shite parents .....they themselves  probably done similar  monkey see monkey  do......

If this is  your  15 minutes of  fame  ....what a great parent you  are  going to be  ...showing this  at  family reunions .....nice  job    great educational moment  for your  child .......

Watch Scot on holiday down two bottles of Buckfast in less than 20 seconds

The clip was filmed in Magaluf and shows the unknown holidaymaker down the two bottles without spilling a drop.
A Scot on holiday has been filmed drinking almost twice the fortnightly recommended amount of alcohol - in under 20 seconds.
The unknown reveller downs two bottles of Buckfast in 19 seconds, not spilling a drop of the 1.5 litres on his white T-shirt.
Each bottle of the tonic wine contains 11.25 units of alcohol, meaning he drinks 23 units, just five short of the official recommended fortnightly maximum for a man.
The clip was filmed earlier this week by Aidan Kennedy in the Majorcan resort of Magaluf, where Buckfast is stocked by several supermarkets catering for their Scottish visitors.
The controversial fortified wine, made by Benedictine monks in Devon, has often been cited as the cause for anti-social behaviour in Scotland.
Between 2010 and 2012, the former Strathclyde police force said Buckfast was mentioned in almost 6,500 crime reports.
Aidan's video - called "Back in business" - shows the man, in his late teens or early 20s, being egged on by pals who are standing outside on a what appears to be a veranda at the Spanish resort.
The start of the video shows the young man looking at the camera with his friends counting down from three and music can be heard in the background.
Lifting the first bottle to his mouth the man is seen downing the first bottle in a mere nine seconds before placing the empty glass on the table and moving onto the second.
Beginnning the next bottle, he takes just one second longer, drinking the contents in just 10 seconds.
After completing the self-set challenge the Scotsman's friends can be seen going wild, jumping around celebrating his achievement.
Speaking about the clip, Aidan said: "First day in Magaluf as soon as we got in the hotel.
"We got them from the shop, they sell them here. He volunteered, he tans everything.
"He's been saying for ages he'd do it as soon as we got to Maga"
Currently the video has received over 3500 retweets and nearly 7000 likes.
Commenting on the clip Twitter users have asked if there is any more footage of the guy shortly after the video was filmed.
@mickat88 wrote: "Feel drunk watching that. Would like tae have seen the next few seconds as that guy will have drapped."
@DanTim1888 said: "I'd spew after the first few mouthfuls. Hats off to the geez"
@dantheeman17 tweeted: "That's gonna hit him like a wall when it kicks in lol"
@petertinney2 responded: "Steamboats. Someone should a took a video of him like 2 hour later he would a been some nick

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