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do you remember tho good old day when flying ...was good

Flying  nowadays  is  like a  conveyor  belt  of  ass in seats .....there are  some  airlines  that  care   virgin  ...and  Japanese ...... and  Singapore  airlines ....i have  flown in many many   one   Qantas  is   superb  was ......but American  bases    companies   are   fucking  shite ......pure  shite  .......coupled  when you go   to the  airline    terminal  and you  have  to put   up  with  the  TSA  shit   too .....a   bunch of  stamp monkies   ....who  get  power  and  a paycheck ....we  all   know the  weak  and  the paycheck  syndrome ......its  very  simple 

You find  s   simple  minded  ..low  self  esteem   worker ....give them a  badge ...... and a  paycheck  ...... and a   semblance  or  power  .....and you have a  cunt  employee.....this  is  what  govt  does    big  organizations like  FBI  .....CIA .....they have  people .......  who are  self  loathing........ but they have  power .....most of  those  in power  are    very  empty inside .........  that's  why they are powerful on  the  outside ....

United  seems  to be  the  paycheck money  ass  losers in the  airline  game  the  bully  .....and i have to say their  standards  have  fallen  when it  comes  to stewardesses   they are old  and  beat  i have  flown  united  many times  and  was  disappointed   every  single  time  ,....i wrote  to them  and  they  never  answered  back know  much like a  spineless  fuck     marriage know  a prick that will not stand  up  for  himself  even  though he   is  right  ....a   pussy whipped  asshole .....yep !!!!!!    that's  united  the  bitch of  the  airline  industry  the  fucking asshole   .......i  hate them   their planes  are  old  as  fuck  too .....i have  flown  back  from  vegas  and they  cheeped  on   a packed  planed ......very  uncomfortable i tried  to  call  never  ever  got  through  ever     even  when i flew to Scotland  they  fucked  up my  flight   bastards .....useless  crumby  American  corporate  bastards .....i hope  they  go  bust  !!!!!!!...fuckers  they  do this  ....Simone   needs  to  put  an  end  to these   cunts  ...flying  get some   decent   people   flying the  skies flying has  become  a  nause .....!!!

Mom Is ‘Humiliated’ After United Airlines Denied Her Bathroom Access

mother of two who desperately needed to use the restroom on a United Airlines flightsays she was “humiliated” by an attendant who told her to urinate in a cup.
A mother says she was forced to urinate in a cup when a United Airlines flight attendant refused to let her use the restroom. (Photo: Getty)
During the recent trip, which departed from Houston, Texas, Nicole Harper, a Kansas City emergency room nurse, got up to use the bathroom; however, a flight attendant told her to sit down.
“They started doing drink service, and other people [were] getting up at this point,” Harper, who did not return Yahoo Beauty’s request for comment, told Missouri local news stationKCTV5
According to Harper, the restroom was already occupied and people started getting up to move around. The mother has an overactive bladder and told the attendant that her need was urgent. However, at that moment, the plane experienced turbulence and the attendant “told me very rudely I was not allowed to get out of my seat,” she told KCTv5

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