Sunday, June 10, 2012

here is something you have to read ...........FREAKNOMICS

I don't know about you ,..... but every now and then,...... there is a  good  book audio or video.....its called FREAKNOMICS .......this is a total insight to life. and what we  do .and why we do. the stuff might be too much. for some  people  who  do not like the truth........its  a  great insight to life. and how,corporations  do things  like , even to a kids  name , how important  it is  , even  down to  what we do why we  do these  things ...

I was enthralled  by this book,but had  already had an in sight to whats  been done /going on it was not that  much of  a shock  ...but if you  need a pinch in arm , this  might just the injection you need  ....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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