Tame cheetah mauls women (is there such a thing)

Here is a thing ,i do not know about you ,but i have  always know  large wild cats ,are dangerous .
well one  British  family went to Africa and apparently tried to get a photo opp with a cheetah ,supposedly that was the  plan,with child in tow
I mean what numb nutted individual tries to get a  photo opp  with a wild  beast and using the kid too ......

You see ,my memories of growing up with my parents, is they took us to safari  parks where there  was  wilder beast (this may include lisa lampinelli and the cast of real house wives)giraffes and such like
i can never recall my dad  trying to shunt me in a pic involving things like tigers/cheetahs/panthers/lion etc ,you know the kid of animal that likes to eat say humans or living things ......

But here we have  a British tourist in Africa  decides  this is  a great day to have  a wee picture with child in hand ,
 and the cheetah  in his mind  obviously sees a large take -out with a side snack.......

I am not sure of what part of Scotland these people  come from, but let me assure  you thy must be in the outer Hebrides where there is no resources like TV or radio.
...or books or anything other  than a  few ships  for fishing or peat burning stoves ....
Because they are really useless parents or completely stoned  or stupid ,because all wild cats are dangerous .....

Sidebar.........there are two famous magician whose names are Ziegfeld and Roy ,very famous lion breeders and magician s,in Las Vegas,
 they had a  show running at the mirage  for many many many years which attracted  hundreds of  thousand of  spectators....

unless you have been to Vegas or watch TV  well these two German  chaps raised and bred  very  large  beautiful lions and tigers 

For the purpose to entertain and  make magic for their  show .........................but they are  tigers and lions,and no matter  what you say,these  guys are wild by genetics , its  a fact ........

well one day one of the lions , decided that he must try and  see what the wild side of  life is  and the rest is history.
This rather  large  beast  decided to try and see what it would be like to if one of his masters  would survive his  natural ferocity .......barely
  Roy horn  is now incapacitated due to a  savaging.. for one of his powerful pets ...they can never be trusted  no matter how cute and  fluffy they look.

back to these inept British parents using their child as a photo opp ,were they going to  show of  pics of the kid  near the tiger,isn't being in Africa around  wild cats  enough ,i would have thought so 

the women played dead  by lying on top of the child ,well yes  she should not get any positive  praise  she should be  getting a  dildo award  for  being the best  dumb ass  parent on a  trip

And you know  somewhere along the lines  they will have f*^#!ed it up for  other  tourists now because attorneys will be all over  this  like tight fitting underpants ... and you will not be  allowed near them unless it is  a 14 ft wall ..

Have you noticed  our lives are being spoiled  bit by bit because of the  stupidity of the assholes that  do not  use common  sense , and the attorneys that sit on the sidelines  waiting for  an opportunity  to make  money form misery


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