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It does not take a  degree in thermo nuclear fusion to realise  one thing ...there is a price to fame ......
 I will never understand  those  people  who so desperately crave  the limelight ,and once they get it  are  disappointed  by it.

Normality end when fame begins ,when you become an object of  desire and  are  adorned  by fans  where  ever you go your peace and  sanity  moves to a whole new level,what you took for granted  ceases to  exist ....
 Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie ,justin timbelake ,the on and so forth ,they cannot simply walk into  burger king and  order a  shake  fries and  a  whopper...........its over.
The things that we  take for  granted  is  scrutinized by the  people and  media  , and people  would  even  want the wrapper  you discarded to sell on  e-bay   complete  with pic  for  authenticity.

I have  and most of you too have probably  heard  people like bon jovi and such like  complaining of loneliness ,well yes of  course  because people want to be  with you because of the fame .

what  do they expect all stars  have  complained life on the road is  not all that its  cracked  up to  be ,i am  sure  if they could some of them  may want to reverse the opportunity ,i  dare say some people  revel in  the limelight 

but personally i think the fact that  you can  go anywhere and  sit  and  have a  coffee  without being botherd  for  half and hour  is worth more than all the millions 
 yes you can have  all the helicopters and planes and  massive mansions with the beautiful pools ,but who really are  your friends  ,truly...i mean truly...

along with fame  comes  a  hefty price  where you cannot even go to  a 7-11  to buy a snack or supermarket to buy bread ,the things  us  unfamous people take for granted . 

Its amazing how  many famous people are  found  dead all alone either drugs or booze ,and how the loneliness  has caused them  to be addicts or  drunks ,

Freddie mercury of  queen  used to tell his band and friends he felt  all alone ,one of the greatest entertainers of our times ,seems hard to embellish that though  a  man who filled  wembley stadium to capacity complaining of loneliness.....

American Idol is a great avenue for people to be discovered ,i personally think its a  conveyor belt to talent ,once in a blue  moon we  are  blessed with absolute  genius  beyond our  beliefs  ..the likes of who can never  be replaced .....Elvis/Hendricks/Joplin/placido Domingo/Freddie on and so forth 

As long as  we the audience  are  entertained  we  do not really think/care of the  stigma  that comes with fame ,we are  not the ones  with the limos/bodyguards entourage ...its all part of the package of  fame 

on the flip side ,when the famous fall as much as we like them  admire them we also love to see them screw up  because  somewhere  inside  us we know that at the end of the  day they are  simply just  like you and  me !!!!!!! ...........................


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