Saturday, March 17, 2012

soldier kills 16 kids

the  american military once  again has  screwed  up   i think they  should have left the guy  there  disowned  him and  let the taliban  get their  way  because  this incident will not be  going away  anytime  soon ...this will  cost america  dearly  this  guy has  been there   3  times  and  was   from  shell shock or  ptsd  or whatever the  hell doctors or people  want to call it but the guy was  all banged  up  how  could  they let this  guy  go  back  ..this  my  friends  will come  back and bite  america  right in the ass  they  should  ship  hos ass  right back and  ket him  ge    justice  for  his  deed  ...nothing more nothing  less

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