direcy buy good if you are spending bucketloads

i went to a  home  show  looking for  an  oversized  shower   head  ....i   approached  a girl asking if  she  had in   her place   of  business  she  said  yes  and  set me  an appointment  thinking this place  is  great...anyways    next  day went  there  to    find  out   to see  if they had  my shower head ...well  to my dissapointment i  never  got my shower  head    ...why you may ask  well  the  sole  purpose  of  my   appointment  to direct  buy  was  to  sell me a   six  thousand   dollar membership....i  do  agree  its a   relatively good  idea  if you  have  bought a house   and  wanted  to save  a money on lots of  stuff  ..but i  did  ask them for the   shower  head  but they   asked  me  to  sit  and watch the video   ..i did    because  i wanted  the sower  head  so  bad ....anyways   never  happened   the girl   was  hot  and  that  helped ....so  i  do  agree with the idea   but  i  think  i  felt misled    or  maybe  i was  expecting too much  from  corporate  world    .....nothing  changes ....


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