Sunday, December 4, 2011

christmas song everywhere...knock it off

everywhere i turn there is  christmas   music  but    people  are  not allowed  to call it  christmas  so what the hell  kind  of  music  is  it now ......i hate  bing crosby is  in the shitter  as  we  know   it becasue  the   attornies  for  all these  so callled  ethnic  people  who want to   bring their   slant to  the  tree    has    made it  all  sour ........listen  i do not give  a rats  ass  where your  from  but when you  come  to america   leave  your  shit at the  baggage  claim  instead  of  rubbing    dwellers  faces into your  cultural  shit  ...if  america  wnat your   culture  they will ask  for it .....i  do not press  the  fact  that american  should  eat haggis  becaus i  am from  scotland   and who the  hell in their right mind  would  want to  consume  that  shit  anyways ...i hate  these  attornie  who   get thepwoer  you know  who these   inept bastards  are they are not  doing  it for cultural  reason   they are doing it  becasue they are money grabbing  asswipes  i hope  you    lose  your house  at the  HOLIDAY  SEASONS  ASHOLES the way  merry christma$$$$$$$$$

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