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You have to understand .....whatever i post........ here is  a  reaction of my thoughts....... to what i see .....i only see stuff .......and think what i think ....some people ........  do not  see what i see ........ and  vice  versa.......this i am pointing out........ is   my   two cents here is my thoughts on having a bird ........ as a  pet .......i totally disagree......... on  every single  level is  so selfish  stop a bird flying ......any bird.......parrot budgie ....anything is born to fly ......   cutting its  flight feathers's absurd ....and   narcissistic   .........way to keep a pet ......what is  in the minds of a  person that  keeps a bird  flightless is  cruel ...inhumane   and   disgusting .....usually think it is only   purple rinse  grannies   that have  birds their cages   i  fucking despise anyone  that keeps a  bird  flightless   that is  like  having you legs  cut off .....i am not  even sure  what people  have in their   fucking  fat heads   a  bird  with no  flight has  no purpose  it hates  you   you  feed it  but that thing hates  you  ......its  pure    absolute ignorance .......

Parakeet's Unhinged Reaction to Getting Her Own Fairy Garden Is Too Cute

Eve Vawter
2 min read

A couple on TikTok have made their little bird's day by creating an absolutely adorable fairy garden for her in their kitchen cabinets.

Just wait until you see her reaction when she's not only allowed to go into the cupboard, but there are all these new things for her to explore!

The sweetly hilarious video was shared by the TikTok account for @Tamiaoveres and people cannot get enough of Prince. One person commented, 'Prince exploring new worlds is now my favorite content." Another added, "The sassy singing knowing she has you wrapped around her little talon." She really does! She is such a spoiled baby! Someone else responded, "Prince is madly in love with both of you and living its best life of enrichment."

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Parakeets are big fans of having places to hide, and hiding spots can make them feel more secure and reduce stress. Parakeets may use hiding spots to rest and sleep, away from any disturbances. That's because when these sweet birds are in the wild parakeets naturally seek out sheltered spots to hide from predators and cold or rainy weather. Providing hiding opportunities in captivity allows parakeets to express this natural behavior.

As for Prince's happy shrieks? Parrotfeather explains, "When a budgie is excited or is trying to communicate it will usually chirp. Budgies are noisy animals by nature and many will emit loud contact calls throughout the day. Many people find these calls to be irritating while others enjoy them. Though these calls can be quite loud, they are nothing compared to their larger cousins the Conures or the Amazons. Nevertheless, this is typical budgie behavior."

Prince Has Always Loved 'The Forbidden Cupboard'

I really do hope Prince's owners continue to make her environments in the kitchen cupboard, because she has had a thing for these cabinets for a long time.

Just check this out.

There are so many fun and seasonal opportunities here! Not only could they decorate for standard holidays like Halloween and Christmas, but Prince could have their own little cupboard disco with disco balls and music playing or their own little beach scene with a little pool to splash in. I'm sorry, but prince's owners are just going to have to find a new place to store their dishes. This is Prince's cabinet now!

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