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The Most Bizarre Moments At The Beach Captured On Camera And We Couldn’t Stop Laughing

Fishing Is Full Of Surprises

Although these two fish are quite pretty, this picture would have been a lot less macabre had it been taken underwater. She didn’t even take the time to take off the hook from the fish in the right! Either way, whoever said fishing is boring probably never tried doing it with his lady.

If it were us, we wouldn’t be keen on showing this selfie to our relatives, as it’s kind of cringe-worthy. At least she looks like she’s having fun, and surely her nutritionist must be happy too. Why wouldn’t they? After all, she’s about to eat some of the freshest fish she’s ever had!

How To Take A Memorable Selfie

Taking selfies at the beach is always the first thing people do when they get there. We’re pretty sure that there are much more productive ways one could spend his time there, but nothing beats a new profile picture with the sunset and the waves in the background.

This picture would have been perfect for that were this lady not hugging this gigantic fish. If her goal was to make us cringe, she certainly achieved it! To be fair, though, she did take a one-of-a-kind selfie that day. If not, we probably wouldn’t be talking about it right now!

The Black Sheep Of The Family

Every family has its ‘black sheep,’ and most times, one would never guess who it is without hearing the gossip. In this family’s case, it’s a bit more obvious. Going through adolescence is no funny business, and having gone through it ourselves, it’s also rarely a graceful process.

Evidently, not everyone likes going to the beach. This girl, however, is making it more difficult than it should be. Wearing an all-black is, in most cases, a safe fashion choice, but it clearly isn’t for a day at the beach. This girl must be suffering from all the heat. At least she posed for the family photo!

No Monkey Business!

For some unknown reason, having a picture with an exotic animal tends to bring many hearts and likes. This lady’s goal was to do just that. Little did she know that the monkey wouldn’t exactly collaborate. There’s a reason, after all, why the ‘monkey business’ saying exists.

In fairness, she must probably have a bunch of other snaps from this photoshoot, but no one will ever come close to this one. We’re just curious about how she obtained this little monkey in the first place, as we can’t imagine the beach being its natural habitat.

The Planet Of The Sea Monkeys

Any person belonging to a generation before Gen-Z probably had sea monkeys at some point growing up. This picture here is their revenge! For all the children trying to teach their home-grown sea monkeys’ tricks, there’s one monkey at the beach waiting to steal their bananas.

It was unfortunate that this lady found herself in the middle of this hangry mob of monkeys while also holding enough snacks for everyone. What on earth was she thinking? Of course, the monkeys tackled her. They probably haven’t had anything to eat since the ‘90s!

Always Pay Attention To The Background

This picture is just too perfect to have been caught by accident. The sad thing about it, though, is that the lady in the background probably did not realize that she was having her picture taken, nor came to understand how viral it became afterward.

As we’ve already mentioned, the beach is apparently the perfect place to grab a new profile picture, but also the perfect place to capture beach-fails like this one. There are just so many people that someone’s bound to be doing something embarrassing somewhere. At least the lady with the hat is flawless…

This Nun Has Some Moves!

We are not sure when it would be appropriate for anyone to go surfing while dressed as a nun. Judging from the guy behind her, who’s wearing a Spider-Man suit, that was probably taken during Halloween. After all, it’s always the summer somewhere in the world.

Either way, this nun clearly has some hidden talents. She seems to be one with the surfing board and the waves! If it were us diving here, we’d probably look a tiny bit more shocked at the spectacle, which suggests that they may be friends.

Oh Captain, My Captain

Before we start judging, there probably is nothing that this lady could do to help with this boat’s situation. However, it is a bit insensitive to be posing for a picture with the burning boat in the background, especially while drinking a beer!

Then again, life is too short to be affected by the tragedies surrounding us. This lady, instead of being upset, chose to seize the day. Too bad the smoke is getting in the way of her sunbathing. At least the beach seems to be quite calm at that time. Maybe she should take a dive rather than grabbing selfies.

Being A Merman Is Fun

We are sure that this couple’s goal wasn’t to make us laugh, but then again, we can’t really figure out what else they could have been trying to accomplished with this outfit. Surely being a merperson is something everyone has dreamt about once in their lives, but this isn’t the way to do it!

From the glitter on this guy’s body to the awkwardly realistic tail this lady’s wearing and the weirdly alluring looks on their faces, this picture is part genius, part hilarious. Let’s not get started on the plastic trident! One thing’s for sure; no other couple has ever grabbed such an original picture at the beach before.

This Monkey Is A Player

This is why we shouldn’t let monkeys run around grabbing selfies. This time, we have an even larger monkey, with an even larger smile on it. It seems that no matter the species, they’re always up for monkey business, but at least this one doesn’t necessarily seem to be aggressive.

Of course, there are no bananas in sight. Who could know what this picture would look like if there was food involved? Instead, this monkey decided to get comfortable with the ladies. If we’re judging from the ladies’ expressions, they are probably all fine with it.

Will It Float?

This picture raises countless questions. Starting from how on earth did this car end up there? There’s a reason why the hand brake exists, and it’s so that such things don’t occur! Seeing how helplessly this entire family is just sitting there, watching their car slowly sink, we kind of want to help them.

It’s just one of these pictures that makes our imagination go wild. Let’s just hope that they had their cell phones or any other valuable things that they may have been carrying that day with them. Losing their car to the ocean is already unfortunate enough.

Oh, The Agony!

Meeting a flamingo from up close is defiantly something she will never forget. As unique of an experience as it may have been, she doesn’t necessarily seem to be enjoying herself. In fairness, they might be birds, but they’re quite gigantic. In fact, they’re often over 4 feet tall!

Bottom line, this picture is hilarious, not because of what she’s doing, but because of the hilarious face, she’s making while doing it. On other news, the flamingo does not seem to be annoyed, even though we can hear her shouting in agony.

Surprise! It’s The Stingray Again

We’ve already seen one stingray looking good. This one here, though, was a little bit upset to be dragged into this selfie. However, what’s even funnier are the expressions on this three ladies’, as they seem to be just as surprised as the poor stingray.

Upon closer inspection, we can see someone’s head popping up right behind the stingray. He’s probably attempting to give his friends a scare, and by the looks of it, he’s accomplished it. No wonder the older ladies in the back are laughing! We can just hear their screams.

And Again!

It’s amazing how this guy managed to surprise her both by throwing what seems to be another stingray at her and snap a picture of her reaction simultaneously. We are really starting to wonder how they found all those stingrays, or if all these pictures were taken the same day.

In the beginning, they seemed like they were all having fun, so we can suppose that they were running out of things to do by that point. It’s just a pity that this lady fell victim to this prank. But at least she now has this funny picture of her providing her with something to laugh about!

When You Lose A Bet

Not all men have hair on their chests, and even fewer of them have the courage to go out in public having them shaved like that. In fairness, this guy probably lost a bet to his friends. What he couldn’t have imagined, though, was that this picture would start a trend.

This sight might be unsettling, but apparently, there are many other pictures with men shaving their chests to resemble the top of a bikini. It is just one of those things that we owe to the internet. It’s clearly not one of humanity’s brightest moments.

Not Taking Any Risks

Beaches sometimes are so crowded that it becomes difficult for people to locate each other, let alone their things! This person here is a genius, as not only did he not lose his flip flops that day, but he also took a picture to remember where he left them.

Losing any clothing article can easily ruin someone’s day, especially when it comes to shoes, as they’re vital for walking. Maybe the next time we go to the beach, we will copy this person’s ingeniousness. Thanks for the idea! Anyway, we can’t help but thinking that the lock probably cost more than the flip flops.

Strike A Pose

Timing is everything in life and photography, and this picture reflects that. This puppy is so happy to be taking a swim; we can just imagine it jumping around and having the time of its life.  It’s so perfectly captured that we can’t help but think that a professional photographer took it!

No matter the case, this dog should consider launching its modeling career soon. We are pretty sure that this is but one of its many poses. We just can’t get over the way its long ears are perfectly aligned with its front feet. It’s almost as if it was photoshopped to be like that.

How To Solve All Your Problems

We can’t stress enough how genius this picture is. Instead of these parents spending the day chasing their boys from one mess to the other, they had them bury themselves on the sand. It’s both a fun and effective activity for them to do so that they keep busy while mom and dad enjoy a day at the beach.

However, they didn’t tell them how to get out of the sand, which the more we think about it, may have been intentional. We’re sure that they weren’t left there that day. After all, judging from the half-formed smiles on them, they’re all just having fun.

Bad Dog!

What could possibly be going through that dog’s thoughts to have decided to sit there like nothing’s happening? First, these people decide to bury one of their own in the sand, and then they had the dog sit on him. In fairness, the buried person may as well be napping, given how dark the sunglasses are.

Imagine this person’s surprise, waking up from a nap, only to realize that he’s become this dog’s chair! The hilarious thing about this is the lethargic and almost vengeful look on the dog’s face. It is almost as if it’s doing it on purpose!

Expectations VS Reality

She was probably attempting to make an Instagram-perfect picture with the water dripping from her hair while taking her head off the water. It is arguably a difficult picture to get right, mostly because it’s hard to execute, and this lady could clearly use some practice.

Everything else in this picture is perfect, from the analysis to the colors and the background. It’s a shame that her hair decided not to collaborate. At least she now has this photograph, which may not be her favorite picture from that summer, but has many capabilities for being a meme.

The Stingray Of Happiness

Who’d have known that a stingray has a face? We’re so used to seeing their backs that no one has ever wondered what their other side looks like. We would definitely not expect them to be looking so friendly. That specific stingray looks like it’s having the time of its life!

Although usually, they’re no threat to anyone, they are called stingrays for a reason, and that’s because they can sting. These people probably didn’t know that when they decided to grab a selfie with it. To be fair, they all seem to be enjoying themselves, so who are we to judge?

Keep Calm & Don’t Let Go

Water sports are always entertaining. These people there, though, have probably had better days. We can’t know if they were going extremely fast while taking that turn, but we know that they should’ve gotten a better grip of this inflatable. One lady found herself taking a dip, and the other one almost did a backflip.

We are just extremely thankful to the person with the camera since we now have this picture to make us laugh out loud. Kudos, by the way, to the two people on the back who have managed to maintain their calmness, despite the chaos that’s surrounding them.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Judging by the amount of plastic filled with air these two people are wearing to go for a swim, it’s safe to assume that they’re not that comfortable inside the water. Then again, even if they were, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, so who could blame them?

Who knows what could be lurking in the depths of this seemingly harmless beach? Come to think about it, judging from the fact that there are more people there, other than them; probably nothing is lurking in these waters. We still have to applaud them for battling their fears, though!

See You Later Alligator

When this lady agreed to go on a tour of some of the most exotic beaches, she probably didn’t think twice before saying yes. It’s not as if this baby alligator means any harm. After all, it’s visible that its tiny yet lethal jaws are shut tight, but this lady, on the other hand, isn’t having it.

This picture is taken at the perfect moment that it almost seems as though it’s part of a comedic sketch! Even the lady behind her seems to be surprised at whatever is going on there. Then again, imagine taking a swim and being interrupted by a baby alligator. We’d be equally surprised too.

I Was Just Horsing Around, Officer!

What could this guy possibly be doing wrong for him to get arrested like that? Other than the fact that he’s wearing what seems to be an inflatable horse suit from the waist up, we can’t see a reason why he had to spend his day in jail!

Maybe the officer is working for the fashion police of Bay County, or maybe this guy had done enough horsing around to get him in this kind of a situation. Either way, we can think of many better ways for him to spend his day at the beach, but at least he didn’t get sunburnt.

The Disappointment Is Real

It’s no secret that elephants can’t go long without water. That’s the reason why, after all, they tend to always roam close to it. Sadly, this baby elephant found salty water instead of potent one, but then again, it almost looks as though it’s suffering from the worst hangover ever!

We can taste the disappointment when it realized that this water is salty. No wonder he gave up and buried its head on the sand instead! It’s just surprising that someone actually saw that happening from up close. It must have been fun watching this little one’s reaction.

Dad Fails

Dad fails are always fun to see. This dad, however, takes the crown! As if wearing the wrong color shorts wasn’t enough, he also stopped holding his daughter’s hand by accident, we hope, and she ended up falling on her back. What’s even more hilarious, though, is that the moment was immortalized in a picture!

Not to worry, we are certain that the little girl is alright. After all, children at that age are standing up one moment and falling down the next. It is just a pity that this had to happen during one of this family’s picture-perfect moment.

Taken By Surprise

Judging by this entire family’s lack of tan, it would be safe to say that they hadn’t been on the beach for a while. No wonder they ended up being caught up by the waves! It would all have been alright, though, had they not been in the middle of a family photoshoot at that very moment.

Although the incident itself isn’t that funny, the frightened look on their faces deserves some praise. We cannot know why they got so scared by a single wave though, after all, the sea behind them seems to be relatively calm. Maybe it just took them by surprise.

The Birds – The Sequel

Anyone who has ever lived next to any body of water knows that seagulls are not to be messed with. If this picture weren’t so funny, we would be scared for this guy’s life! To be fair, he was kind of asking for it being buried in the sand from head to toe.

Not only did these seagulls gave him the fright of his life, but also a nice good luck charm right on his forehead. Although one would argue that there’s nothing fortunate about this guy’s situation, he did end up having the most viral selfie he could ever wish for!

This Isn’t The Right Way To Do It

One picture is a million words, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that a million words are going through this mother’s head too. According to the internet, no children nor toddlers were harmed in the making of this picture. The baby may have fallen to the ground, but he was all laughs moments later.

The parents, however, have probably seen better days. They were just attempting to take the perfect picture to remember their vacation by when all hell broke loose! In this picture, the dad actually made a Reddit thread about it, explaining how both children were grumpy, and they were trying to cheer them up.

The Definition Of Photobomb

There’s nothing that screams ‘romanticism’ more than a good kiss, interrupted by an unintentional photobomb. This swimmer was just trying to catch his breath when he found himself in the middle of what seems to be a couple’s photoshoot. What’s more surprising is that the photographer grabbed the picture either way!

In fairness, he did end up capturing with his camera what could very well be the definition of a good photobomb. It’s just sad that this couple went through all the trouble of riding their horses to the beach that day and did not end up with the picture that will wind up framed in their living room.

When You Least Expect It

Being a parent is in no way an easy job, especially when your child is a little menace! This dad knows exactly what we’re talking about. We can just hear him telling his son that this is no way to be treating anyone, let alone his own father!

He seems to be every bit as surprised as he is in pain. On the other hand, his son looks like he’s enjoying himself, probably due to the funny sound that his dad made when he realized what was going on. Have a kid, they said, it will be fun they said…

Aloha Indeed

For some unknown reason, seeing kids crying their eyes out for the silliest reasons can be entertaining. Don’t get us wrong; a dead parrot is in no way funny. However, this picture here is most likely photoshopped. Or maybe this kid just doesn’t like parrots.

It’s quite ironic, though, given that people tend to associate Hawaii as this happy place. Especially since this little guy seems to be having the worst day of his life! We can just imagine him seeing this picture as a grown-up, wondering what could have possibly made him feel so uneasy.

Always Apply Sunscreen Before Sunbathing

We can just imagine how this went down. This guy had so much to drink that day that he ended up sleeping with the beer bottle in his hand. Little did he know that he’d then make a stamp of it on his skin. We’d like to see him try to hide it from his wife!

Unfortunately, there is no cure for sunburn, and he had to walk around that summer with this funny looking stamp on his chest. We just hope that the next time he went drinking at the beach, he wore a shirt or at least put on some sunblock.

Caught Red-Handed

Nothing beats an ice cream underneath the sun by the beach. This guy that took this picture knows that, but so does this seagull. We’ve already gone through how aggressive these birds can be, but hardly ever are their frightening actions caught on camera.

This is not the case here. This person caught his thief red-handed while trying to grab a bite of his tasty vanilla ice cream. To be fair, we wouldn’t even consider continuing eating that after the incident. It’s just too bad because it looks delicious.

Party Crashers

In case anyone wasn’t convinced yet about how annoying a seagull can be, here’s some more proof! Just imagine enjoying a family trip at the beach, only to be interrupted by an angry flock of starving birds, whose wings, by the way, can span up to 5.5 feet long.

We wouldn’t wish that on our worst enemy! These unfortunate beach-goers thought they were in paradise, with their table, chairs, and food. Too bad the birds had other plans. It still is amazing, though, how this person managed to grab a picture. We can’t imagine this lasting more than a couple of seconds.

Two Types Of People

There are two types of people out there, the ones that go with the flow and the ones that create the flow. These two, are without a doubt, both creators. Why spend hours sunbathing on the uncomfortable sand, or even worse, at a plastic chair, when they can just sit on a sofa?

On top of everything, with all the people at the beach that day, they didn’t even need a TV to keep themselves entertained! It looks as though they had furniture to spare, as they even brought the pull-out sofa bed with them. We’re really curious to see what they did with them once they were done.

There’s No Excuse Not To Have Fun!

Despite the awkwardness that’s going on in this picture, when we looked closer at the background, we could see that actual horses are being ridden by some people there. It’s just too bad that the two people on the front couldn’t afford a horse to ride around on.

Still, they didn’t let that bring them down. They wore their Halloween costumes and attending the event either way! Although we admire their courage, we can’t help but feel bad for the person portraying the horse. His back must’ve been killing him the next day.

Not To State The Obvious But…

Anyone who’s lived during the ‘80s or appreciates nostalgic music knows the ‘I Wear My Sunglasses At Night’ song by Corey Hart. After all, that’s the song with which he launched his career. The mayor of this city wasn’t having any of it, though, so he put up this warning sign.

There is some sense to it, though. We can imagine that it’s difficult walking the streets at night wearing dark shades, especially if there isn’t enough light in the streets. Just imagine how many people must have had accidents while wearing their sunglasses after dark before they put this sign up in the first place.

Beware Of The Thief

As if the crowds at the beaches during the busy summer months weren’t enough of a threat, we should clearly also be on the lookout for birds, and especially seagulls. One would think that having the entire ocean providing them with food would’ve been enough. On the other hand, who would ever say no to a doughnut?

This bird must have a sweet tooth, as it’s risking its life trying to steal this freshly baked goodie. We can just imagine how proud it must have felt when it returned to its nest safely and unharmed that day. Surely, he must have impressed his friends while doing his stunt too.

Having A Pet Seahorse Is Fun

Any person who’s ever been close with a horse probably knows how much they like being next to the water. It’s just too bad that this guy’s farm is too far from the beach, but that wasn’t good enough of an excuse for them not to have fun!

All he needed was a snorkel and an inflatable, and voila, he now had his own seahorse. Given how calm the horse seems to be, it must be enjoying itself playing pretend. It may not have gone to the beach that day, but we couldn’t have guessed had it not been for the picture’s background!

Need My Eight Hours

Oh, how tiring the life of a baby must be. This little guy spent the entire morning crying in his bed, then watching cartoons, and waiting for his mother to cook something up. He only found time to nap in the afternoon while his parents were taking a swim.

It must have been exhausting going for approximately six hours straight without napping. No wonder he’s enjoying himself so much! We are just thankful that someone thought of taking this picture before he switched sides. The little guy clearly deserved a break from real life.

How To Scare Your Child 101

Being a parent is fun, but sometimes at the kid’s expense. Who doesn’t like harmless pranks? Especially when the target is an impressionable eight-year-old, things can get out of hand quickly. This dad decided to pull a prank on his daughter. Little did he know that she’d start screaming!

He must have been planning it for a while, given that the person grabbing the picture was in the perfect position to do so. If it were us, we’d probably hesitate to dress with whatever the sea brought to shore. Who knows what this seaweed has been through!

The Dog Influencer

Sometimes we wish we were dogs, especially after seeing pictures like these. This little four-legged guy has everything he could ever wish for. An umbrella for the sun, a place to lay down, and infinite possibilities of games to play. We wonder what he could possibly use this sunscreen for, though.

Nevertheless, one thing’s for sure; we’re all jealous of this French bulldog puppy, who’s probably having a better day than all of us. We bet he got that pose deliberately so that he updated his profile picture. If his content looks anything like this, we wouldn’t be surprised to see him having more followers than his owner!

Mother Nature’s Revenge

When this guy took his RV to the beach that day, he probably thought he’d park it the closest to the shore as possible. Unfortunately, mother nature isn’t always on our side, and in this particular case, she decided to sink this guy’s truck and recreational vehicle deep under the sea.

By the looks of it, the guy managed to get in the car at just the right time to attempt moving it. In case he didn’t make it, we do hope that his RV can float. How cool would it be to be able to travel the seas that way?

I Will Be Taking This Now.

So far, we’ve seen seagulls stealing doughnuts, ice creams, even crashing a party. What we have yet to see, though, is them stealing clothes. This seagull was probably tired of being underneath the sun all day and figured it would steal that poor guy’s hat.

If we’re honest, we’re surprised he didn’t have a go for his sunglasses as well! It just comes to show us that we can never be safe around seagulls. On the other hand, there’s no way he could have possibly protected himself that day, other than not going to the beach, that is.

Does Your Insurance Cover Water Damage?

When these people went for a swim that day, they probably didn’t think they’d have to go home on foot. We really hope that his auto insurance covers water damage because we can imagine this jeep getting all rusty if its owners somehow managed to pull it off the sand.

How muddy could it possibly have been for it to sink like that? So far, it’s one of the many vehicles we’ve seen being given to the mercy of the sea. They should really put up warning signs! This may be fun to see, but we’re pretty sure that the owner probably had better days.

How Salty Cheese Is Made

Everyone appreciates a sunny day by the beach, and apparently, so do these cows! In fact, they may very well the happiest cows we’ve ever seen. They are all piled up by the shore, enjoying the waves. The only thing that’s missing is some grass for them to bite down on.

We can just imagine how shocked any beachgoer would be witnessing such a spectacle. Their milk may have been a bit too salty the next day, be we bet it would make good cheese. Seeing how relaxed they all seem to be, this was probably not a one-time thing.

The Elongated Man’s Son

What kind of kid doesn’t enjoy playing with the sand at the beach? These two siblings certainly love it, and clearly, they’ve brought it to the next level. This picture is genius, no matter how we see it. It’s so well executed that it almost seems photoshopped.

We can’t know how many attempts they did before coming up with this one, but it looks like this kid is the Elongated Man’s child, with a neck longer than a giraffe’s! If this were a competition, these kids would undoubtedly win the first prize.

When You Accept Your Fate

In fairness, this guy is probably trying to correct his tan. After all, there isn’t much he could do other than to try and even it out. However, if it were us, we’d probably pull up our pants a little, trying to save ourselves from double the embarrassment.

This is why sunscreen is important, especially when wearing shirts and the sun is up. By the looks of it, no one in the crowd seems to be taken away by this guy’s unfortunate tan. We can’t say the same about the b


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