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Beauty is in the  eye of the  beholdeth i like some of they go older  .....not all of  them .......rachel ray i cannot  stand   ....very.....very sexually unattractive .....but some  guy  is  fucking her know what they say man's meat another man;s poison .......just a fact !!!!!!!.....the only one that i see that pony's up carrie underwood ....she is  aging nicely ....and sam  fox  .....she  flashed her  tits in the  sun for  many many years ......the sun......  being a british tabloid ........not the sun  sun .....although she  probably did ....a lot  ...because her  cans/tits/lamps/jugs/lights/hounds/twins/sisters/cousin/girls breasts....... were  always nicely tanned .......

These Female Celebs Are Proof That You Can Look More Beautiful With Age!

Kristy McNichol – Age 60

Kristy McNichol started her acting career as a teen sensation. Her walk to stardom was boosted by her roles in Little Darlings and Family. The latter won her two Emmy Awards as a teenager. Who knows how far her career would have gone had she not entered an early retirement in 2001.

She claimed she had to retire for the sake of her health and happiness. That was probably related to when she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1992. Her last on-screen appearance was in Invasion America in 1998. Since then, she’s devoted her time to charity work. She came out as a lesbian in 2012.

Meredith Baxter – Age 75

Meredith Baxter from Family Ties is already 75 years old, and she’s done a lot since she last appeared in that series. She’s remarried two times, bringing the total of her marriages up to four! She’s also starred in movies like A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story, which earned her an Emmy nomination.

One thing she’s also definitely done is age well, as her pretty smile and brilliant eyes have remained, even in old age. Throughout the last decade, Baxter has been anything but inactive. She still acted in a movie titled Undateable John in 2019.

Carrie Underwood – Age 40

The American singer-songwriter Carrie Underwood rose to fame after winning the fourth season of “American Idol,” but she never stopped working on top of that initial achievement. Now an established country music superstar, Underwood released eight solo albums over the years (including 2021’s “My Savior”) and sold an estimated 70 million records worldwide.

Constantly praised for her flawless look, Underwood was featured in a 2021 Hello! magazine article that positively commented on her “most stylish” bikini selfie. She’s also a prevalent figure on Instagram, with about 10.5 million followers.

Rachael Ray – Age 54

It’s been about 20 years since Rachael Ray first appeared on Food Network, but she still has that perfect smile. We suppose if you cook and eat mouth-watering food every day, then smiling becomes easy! Ray is popular for hosting the food show 30 Minute Meals on Food Network. The show ended in 2012 but was revived in 2019.

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She’s done several other cooking shows, including Rachel Ray, which started its 15th season in 2020 and is expected to start another season in 2021. In all, her shows have won her three Daytime Emmy Awards. She’s also published numerous cookbooks, yet she doesn’t even call herself a chef!

Cote de Pablo – Age 43

Cote de Pablo, or María José de Pablo Fernández in real life, is best known for playing fan-favorite Ziva David in the hit procedural series NCIS. However, the Chilean-American star shocked viewers when she suddenly departed the show in 2013 and only left crumbs of details about her exit.

Fans were saddened by her departure, which isn’t surprising considering this 43-year-old is one of the most beautiful ladies in the show. De Pablo briefly returned to the series in 2019 and appeared in an episode in the following year. Rumors suggest that her character will come back on the upcoming spinoff NCIS: Hawaii.

Jennifer Grey – Age 63

It’s hard to imagine anyone else playing the role of Jeanie Bueller in the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. That movie brought her worldwide fame, and she seized the momentum and appeared in another popular movie, Dirty Dancing. Dirty Dancing revealed Grey’s dancing abilities, but she truly showed off her skill when she won season 11 of Dancing With the Stars.

She reportedly still takes dance classes, and the activity is probably one of the secrets to her youthful looks. She did reveal that she strictly watches her diet and takes an anti-aging supplement called Celltrient. She last acted in a series called The Conners in 2020

Vanna White – Age 66

It doesn’t look like anyone else but Vanna White and her partner, Pat Sajak, will be hosting Wheel of Fortune for a while, at least until 2022, which is when her contract ends. White has been hosting the game show since 1982, and as far as we can tell, nothing much has changed about her except that she’s way wealthier.

During her time on the show, she’s made several television and movie cameos. She’s also used her income to invest in real estate. A funny fact about White’s career as the Wheel of Fortune hostess is that she was given a Guinness World Record for most frequent clapper in 2013.

 Elizabeth Hurley – Age 58

Some might argue that Elizabeth Hurley looks better now than her younger self. The actress-turned-businesswoman certainly looks nothing like 58! Hurley is now a well-known model, but contrary to what you might think, she didn’t start modeling until she was 29. She established herself as an actress first in movies like Bedazzled.

She revealed the secrets to her glamorous skin to Harper’s Bazaar in 2012. She said she uses Estée Lauder’s Resilience Lift moisturizer to hydrate her skin. It’s no wonder she has the looks to promote her beachwear line. In 2021, she appeared as a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Nancy McKeon – Age 57

Nancy McKeon was already working in front of the lens since she was two years old. She appeared as a young model for Sears and Roebuck. Just a little more than a decade later, she was working as a full-time actress on the NBC sitcom, The Facts of Life. That series was her call to fame, and she hasn’t looked back since then.

She’s gone on to work in some movies, but she’s spent most of her time on TV series. In fact, her latest role was in a 2021 drama series titled Panic.

Barbi Benton – 73

Barbi Benton, the ultimate 1960s and 1970s sensation, kickstarted her modeling gig at age 16, gracing the glossy pages of Seventeen and Vogue. In 1969, she won the coveted Playmate of the Year title, launching her into fame.

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Barbi also had a charisma that lit up TV screens. From “Playboy After Dark” to exotic escapes on “Fantasy Island” and romantic cruises aboard “The Love Boat,” she brought a dash of glamour wherever she went. At 73, Barbi is living proof that a wholesome diet and regular workouts can work miracles. A beacon of ageless beauty, she proves that grace and allure never fade.

Elin Nordegren – 43

Elin Nordegren is a Swedish sensation who ignited the early 2000s. Her journey from modeling prodigy to global fame began when she wed golf maestro Tiger Woods. Their marriage was a fairytale with two cherubic kids, Sam Alexis and Charlie Axel. Elin, hailed as one of the world’s most stunning women, graced golf courses worldwide.

However, the final hole arrived in 2010 when their marriage ended. Since then, Elin has kept a low profile, focusing on nurturing her kids and her education, bagging a psychology degree from Rollins College in 2014. As of 2023, Elin remains a vision of beauty and still struts her stuff as a model.

Gabrielle Union – 50

Gabrielle Union has been in the headlines since the 1990s when she appeared in sitcoms before landing her groundbreaking role in the cheerleading teen film “Bring It On” at the turn of the century. Since then, she has established herself as one of the best actresses in the film industry.

Over the years, Gabrielle has received numerous awards, including the Rising Star Award at the American Black Film Festival, Outstanding Lead Actress at the BET Comedy Awards, and the Choice Action TV Actress at the Teen Choice Awards. Besides acting, she deserves a medal for holding on to her breathtaking beauty and youthful exuberance!

Bo Derek – 66

Bo Derek is currently half retired from acting, but a look at her face still brings memories of her appealing beach performance in the 1979 movie 10. So striking was her image with the braids and swimsuit that it made her a major feminine symbol. She went on to model for Playboy magazine at least five times.

Derek is now 66, but not much has changed about her, especially her looks. She revealed her skin secret in 2018. She reportedly uses anti-drying body milk and moisture cream to keep her skin glowing. She last acted in the 2020 movie JL Family Ranch 2: The Wedding Gift.

Sheree Murphy – Age 47

The English actress/TV host Sheree Murphy hasn’t been on screen since appearing in a 2019 episode of “Lorraine,” but the tabloids are still keeping her in check. In 2022, she was seen shopping with her husband (former soccer star Harry Kewell) and children wearing a chic black dress, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Staying away from show business has undoubtedly not affected Murphy’s looks: can you spot any difference between her now and when she portrayed ‘Tricia Dingle’ in “Emmerdale Farm?” Apart from soap operas, Murphy also appeared in “Celebrity MasterChef” and “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!”

 Traci Lords – Age 55

Despite her controversial past in the adult film industry, Traci Lords still managed to carve out a successful acting career for herself. She started appearing in mainstream movies at the age of 19 and has appeared in movies like MacGyver and Melrose Place.

She has huge ambition, as she’s pursued careers in fashion and singing. She even became a New York Times Best-selling author with her 2003 biography. It’s more than three decades since she had the fiasco with the adult industry and moved into acting, but she still has the same regal beauty and figure. She last starred in the 2021 movie The Farm.

 Brooke Shields – Age 58

Some people age well, and Brooke Shields is definitely one of them. At 58, she still has the beauty that made her a well-desired model as a teenager. Shield’s success at modeling can be attributed to her huge success as a child actress. She became very popular when she was just 12 years old for her leading role in Pretty Baby.

Later on, Shields suspended her career to finish her education. She returned to acting and has since been in several movies and series, including Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in 2017. She’s currently voicing a character for the ongoing Adult Swim series, Momma Named Me Sheriff.

Pauley Perrette – Age 54

Pauley Perrette has always had a knack for doing the darnedest things and being gorgeous while at it! At the age of 54, she’s still every bit the goth actress she was when she started her career, and she’s no less pretty either.

Known for her unique dress sense and appearance, Perrette became famous as the brilliant Abby Sciuto in NCIS. She has taken several odd jobs in her lifetime, including being a cook and a bartender, but she actually has a degree in criminal justice. She left NCIS in 2018 to join Broke, a one-season 2020 series, so don’t expect her to go into retirement anytime soon!

Shania Twain – Age 57

Beauty, fame, and money, Shania Twain has it all. Not only is she still looking gorgeous as ever at 57, but she also remains the best-selling female artist in country music history. She has sold over a million records and won up to five Grammys, and it’s no wonder she’s been called the Queen of Country Pop.

We’d all like to know the secret to her seemingly ageless beauty, and thankfully, she’s not so secretive. She revealed to Glamour Magazine in 2020 that her favorite skincare product is facial oil. She applies it day and night before using her moisturizer. She recently acted in a 2020 movie titled I Still Believe.

Nicollette Sheridan – Age 59

All her life, Nicollette Sheridan has put her gorgeous looks to good use. She initially started her career as a model before she switched to acting. Her role in the soap opera Knots Landing broadcast her beauty and made her well known in Hollywood.

If you’re wondering how she’s able to look so good at 59 years of age, ask Biolumière Organics, a line of skincare products she founded in 2019. The company’s main product is a facial moisturizer that regenerates the skin. Sheridan is still on the scene, as she’s reportedly set to appear in an upcoming TV pilot titled The Chameleon.

Bridget Fonda – Age 59

Bridget Fonda’s destiny as an actress had been decided from a young age, as she was born into a family of actors. Having started her career at the age of four, she made her breakthrough more than a decade later by playing a journalist in The Godfather Part III.

Fonda always had the type of beauty that could make her a model, but she stuck to acting and has subsequently acted in movies like Point of No Return and Jackie Brown. At 59, she still has her beauty, but she quit acting a long time ago. Her last on-screen appearance was in the Snow Queen in 2002.

Linda Vaughn – Age 79

If you watch a lot of motor racing, then you probably know this pretty face. Linda Vaughn hasn’t been called “The First Lady of Motorsports” for no reason. At just 18 years of age, she became the Miss Queen of Speed at Atlanta International Raceway. She’s 79 years old now, and she still has that gorgeous smile race sports fans are familiar with.

She is primarily a motor racing personality and promoter, but she has appeared in movies like Stroker Ace. The movies were about racing, of course. In 2019, she was inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America to recognize her achievements.

Shannon Tweed – Age 66

At 66 years of age, and despite rumors that she’s had Botox, Shannon Tweed can still make heads turn. But she’s been doing that for a long time; in fact, she made a career out of it. She first became popular by appearing in Playboy magazine in 1981. She went on to appear in numerous sensual and low-budget movies, which added to her attraction status.

She did play a real-life role from 2006 to 2012 in the reality series Gene Simmons Family Jewels, with her long-time rock and roll lover, Gene Simmons. She last had an appearance as a guest in the popular cook show Hell’s Kitchen in 2017.

Sally Jessy Raphael – Age 88

Before Sally Jessy Raphael became America’s beloved talk show host, she had worked at a minimum of 24 media stations and had been fired from 18 of them. Her refusal to give up paid off, and today she’s known as the host of the tabloid talk show, Sally, which was a top-rated show in its time.

The talk show ended in 2002, but Raphael didn’t exactly go into retirement. She continued to host a daily radio show from 2005 to 2008. In 2019, she was interviewed on the Television Academy Foundation. We don’t quite know what’s next up her sleeve, but we can say she’s rocking 88 really well!

Claudia Schiffer – Age 52

Claudia Schiffer has had one of the most successful careers of any supermodel, and that’s because she has as much brains as beauty. She actually used to work in her father’s law firm before she started her modeling career. So far, she holds the record for the model with the most magazine covers, having appeared in more than 1,000 of them.

Having worked with various brands such as Chanel, Versace, Giorgio Armani, and many more, it’s not so surprising that she developed a knack for design and launched her own brand in 2011. Since then, she’s focused on her business and managed to retain her youthful looks.

Elisabeth Shue – Age 59

If you’ve been wondering where Elizabeth Shue is, she is currently filming an upcoming series titled On the Verge. If you’re not exactly sure who she is, then maybe a little background: She was in movies like The Karate Kid, Piranha 3D, and the Back to the Future franchise.

Sue is currently 59, but she looks nothing like it. She revealed in 2012 that she has a passion for playing tennis. If she’s still anywhere on that level of activity, then the healthy lifestyle might explain her fabulous looks.

Lisa Bonet – Age 55

Lisa Bonet hasn’t been so active on-screen since she left the Cosby Show in 1991. She still occasionally plays with her creative side, though, as she recently directed a music video to the remix of a song titled Freedom in 2019. These days, most people would know her as the wife of Aquaman star Jason Momoa, who she is 12 years older than.

The age difference doesn’t seem to bother Bonet, especially as she really doesn’t look her age. If you were wondering, she shared her skincare secret in 2016. She uses Dayle’s facial soap and serum. She also uses a facial scrub a couple of times a week.

Debbie Harry – Age 77

It’s no easy feat for any artist to keep reaching the top of the US and UK music charts for almost four decades, but that’s exactly what Debbie Harry has done with her band, Blondie. Blondie was formed in 1974, and they soon became one of the top American pop bands, getting several no. 1 hits from 1979 to 2017.

Harry’s successful singing career didn’t stop her from trying her hands at acting. In fact, she’s been more active on-screen than in the studio recently, as her last album was in 2007, while her last appearance was in High Fidelity in 2020.

Nicole Kidman – Age 56

Nicole Kidman should raise no confused stares from anyone. But just in case, she was the star of movies like Far and Away and Batman Forever. She’s consistently been one of the highest-paid actresses globally, including recently in 2019, having starred in the 2018 blockbuster Aquaman.

Thankfully, Allure magazine revealed the secret to her almost flawless appearance in 2013. A few of her makeup products include Radiant Fluid Foundation and a moisturizer by Crème de la Mer. We don’t know if she’s changed brands, but we know her gorgeous look remains intact. We also know she’ll be appearing in the 2022 movie, The Northman.

Charo – Age 72

Charo is a subject of rumors about cosmetic surgery, but the truth is, the woman deserves more appreciation. It’s truly not easy to be 72 years old and still retain her gorgeous appeal. It’s also not easy to become prominent as a Latin musician, but she did it anyway.

An interesting thing about Charo is that her true age is still a matter of debate. She’s also known for her catchphrase from her 1977 album, “cuchi-cuchi.” That aside, she’s a truly talented performer who knows how to play the flamenco guitar. She’s also appeared in a few movies and series, including a special appearance in RuPaul’s Drag Race in 2020.

Jessica Lange – Age 74

Before we get to talking about how gorgeous she is at 74, let’s talk about her amazing acting career. She’s only the 13th actress to have won the Triple Crown of Acting. This includes a Tony Award, two Oscars, and three Primetime Emmy Awards. Few people can forget her appearances in movies like King Kong and All That Jazz.

Fans and tabloids alike continue to be puzzled by how much her looks haven’t really changed. Some have even speculated rumors of cosmetic surgery. But Lang has focused on her acting and remained unbothered. She was in the 2019 Netflix series, The Politician.

Michelle Pfeiffer – Age 65

Michelle Pfeiffer is as uniquely talented as she’s beautiful. Even the strictest Hollywood critics have praised her performances. The hardest of fans as well can’t help but be swayed by her alluring spell. Pfeiffer still holds that spell even at the age of 65, and she’s attributed part of her secret to an organic skincare product called Sodashi.

Having appeared in brilliant classics like Scarface and The Witches of Eastwick, she remained active with her role as the Wasp in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She’ll be retaking that role in the upcoming 2023 movie, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

Kelly LeBrock – Age 63

Another victim of accusations of cosmetic surgery, Kelly LeBrock, has managed to remain active over the years and not let the paparazzi gossip get to her. She started her career as a successful model, going on to work with brands like Vogue and Christian Dior.

As an actress, she’s been in movies like The Woman in Red, Hard to Kill, and Weird Science. LeBrock will certainly draw rumors as she has glowing skin at the age of 61. She hasn’t confirmed if they’re true or not, but she’s focused on her acting, as she recently acted in the 2021 movie Charlie Boy.

Lucy Lawless – Age 55

If you watched Xena: Warrior Princess or followed the TV series Spartacus: Blood and Sand, then you’re probably a huge fan of Lucy Lawless. Even now, she continues to impress fans with her acting prowess and beauty. She voiced a character in the 2021 animation Minions: The Rise of Gru, proving she can do more than look good on screen.

Lawless is currently going strong and cares greatly about her family. But she revealed in 2017 to an Australian magazine that she might still have a little cosmetic surgery. As of now, we really can’t tell if she has. She still looks naturally flawless!

Lynda Carter – 71

If you’ve never met Lynda Carter before and saw her current 71-year-old self, you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that she was once the Miss World USA. Carter’s other call to fame includes playing the main character in the classic TV series Wonder Woman.

In 2016, her fans, at last, got what they wanted when she talked about her beauty routine with W Magazine. She revealed she wears little makeup, uses a lot of sunscreen, and uses a specific soap brand called Purpose soap. She’s familiar with superhero characters, as she has a role in the ongoing series, Supergirl. She also acted in the 2020 movie Wonder Woman 1984.

Sharon Stone – Age 65

A pageant judge advised Sharon Stone to quit college as a teenager and pursue a career as a model. She can certainly look back now and probably be thankful she followed that advice. Her Hollywood career has been impressive as she’s gone on to be an actress with a Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy Award in her cabinet.

Think of movies like Total Recall and Basic Instinct, and her gorgeous face comes to mind. Regarding her youthful looks, she told the New York Times in 2018 that she mostly just washes her face and uses a moisturizing cream. She will be in an upcoming movie titled What About Love.

Penélope Cruz – Age 49

Like several actresses, Penélope Cruz started her career as a teenage model. Unlike most of those actresses, she went on to win an Oscar. Cruz is primarily a Spanish actress, but she owes her international recognition to movies like Vanilla Sky and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Cruz keeps several things secret, but not her skin routine. She revealed to Elle magazine in 2021 that she does some dry body brushing once in a while. She also said she likes to learn about nutrition and beauty secrets from medical doctors. Fans can’t wait to see more of her gorgeous glow in her anticipated 2022 movie, The 355.

Christy Turlington – Age 54

Christy Turlington sure has a lot on her hands. Not only is she a supermodel, but she also runs a busy charity and occasionally expresses her creativity as a filmmaker. She has worked for Glamour, Vogue, and almost every international magazine and luxury fashion brand you can name.

Turlington runs a lot, and she’s run in four marathons. She’s also faithful to her yoga practice. It’s no wonder she still has her famous slender looks and grace. When asked in 2021, she said her skincare secret was a lot of sleep and water. She did reveal in 2017 that she uses a serum called Blue Therapy to hydrate her “super dry skin.”

Courteney Cox – Age 59

You probably know Courteney Cox as Monica Geller from the famous TV series Friends. Most likely, everyone does. It’s safe to say she was a fan favorite. It wasn’t just her adorable and funny actions as that character that captured the audience; it was her stunning beauty.

Cox has admitted she regretted having Botox injections to try and maintain her beauty as she grew older. She claims she’s gone back to being natural, and we can only hope that’s true as her natural face contains most of her charm. Cox has done more than act in Friends. In 2022, she’ll continue her role as Gale Weathers in the Scream franchise.

Charlotte Ross – Age 55

From the pictures alone, it’s obvious there’s barely a difference between when Charlotte Ross started her acting career and now. Her beauty became well-known when she starred as Eve Donovan in the soap opera Days of Our Lives. She cemented her Hollywood fame with her role in NYPD Blue.

Ross is apparently a fitness fanatic. She confirmed this in 2015 when she told Parade magazine that she follows a high-intensity workout routine. She also revealed she avoids processed foods, takes decaf green tea, and uses Crème de la Mer to hydrate her skin. At least now we know why she looked so appealing in her last-seen appearance on Arrow in 2017.

Nancy Allen – Age 72

Nancy Allen’s plush brown hair has turned to a shining grey over time, but she’s still every bit as beautiful as when she first became popular as an actress. Allen owes her rise to the top to her part in Brian De Palma’s films, including movies like Carrie and Dressed to Kill.

She married De Palma in 1979, and they divorced in 1984. Since then, she’s had three failed marriages, but one thing that’s stayed constant is her radiant skin. Allen quit acting in 2008, but she’s made two on-screen appearances since then, including a 2020 documentary, In Search of Darkness: Part II.

Joyce DeWitt – Age 74

Almost everyone who knows Joyce DeWitt will remember her for playing Janet Wood, the character she took on the ABC sitcom Three’s Company. Shortly after the series ended in 1984, DeWitt shocked her fans when it looked like she went into early retirement.

She eventually returned to acting in 1991 and has been active ever since. She’s been seen in movies like Call of the Wild. Her last-seen appearance was in a 2018 film titled The Savant. As you can see, she’s kept her famous short hair over the years, as well as her beauty.

Danica Patrick – Age 41

We don’t know what’s more impressive about Danica Patrick; the fact that she looks like she hasn’t aged one bit or the fact that she’s the most successful woman in the history of American Indy racing. When Patrick won the third round of the 2008 IndyCar Series in Japan, she became the first and only female racer to win an IndyCar Series race.

It would be vain to think Patrick isn’t particular about her skincare because of her former profession. She revealed in 2016 that she likes to use a Crème de la Mer serum and the Renewal Oil. She officially retired from racing in 2019 before launching her weekly podcast in 2019.

Nia Peeples – Age 61

If you watched teen series like Fame and Pretty Little Liars, you know this former teen sensation. But you probably know her from her 1991 pop single, Street of Dreams, which peaked at no. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 that year.

Well, Nia Peeples has certainly come a long way from being a rising pop star and actress. She’s 61 now, but her smile remains as young as ever. She now owns an Internet company called Element of Life that promotes fitness and healthy living. She’ll also be in an upcoming movie titled Miracle Underground.

Sheree J. Wilson – Age 64

At 64 years of age, Sheree J. Wilson hasn’t lost the well-sculpted jaw and attractive features that made her a fan favorite in the famous TV series Dallas. It almost makes sense that she got into the industry because she was mistaken as a model when working at a shoot.

Apart from Dallas, Wilson boosted her career with her role as Alex Cahill-Walker in Walker, Texas Ranger. Of course, she’s still active. She was last seen in a 2020 movie titled Flip Turn. When not acting, she’s focused on managing her line of skincare products and beauty therapy.

Misty Copeland – Age 40

Ballet dancer or not, Misty Copeland was always going to turn heads with her gorgeous looks. But she’s done really well at the career she chose for herself. Despite not starting ballet until she was 13, she’s risen to become one of the most prominent ballerinas in the United States.

She currently works for the American Ballet Theatre, but she’s broadened her horizons and become an author as well as a public speaker and stage performer. In 2019, she made a lot of celebrity news when she danced with Calvin Royal III to form one of the few black couples to ever dance together in ballet.

Jackie Swanson – Age 59

From blond hair to a pretty smile and striking eyes, little has changed about Jackie Swanson. She became popular by playing the role of Kelly Gaines in the TV series Cheers. That role established her Hollywood career, but she put her beauty to further use and worked as a model for Ralph Lauren.

Swanson’s face has appeared in TV commercials for motor companies like Ford, Hummer, and Toyota. That’s hardly a surprise. Even now, she looks like she could still play the part. Swanson unexpectedly retired from acting as early as 2007. She, however, still appeared in one episode of a series called Reality Inc in 2011.

Tatum O’Neal – Age 59

Tatum O’Neal remains the youngest person to have ever won a competitive Oscar. She did this when she was just ten years old after her brilliant performance in Paper Moon. She played the role of Addie Loggins in the 1973 movie. Her father was also in the movie. Since then, it’s been decades now, and O’Neal has grown into a gorgeous personality and a well-respected actress in Hollywood.

She’s gone on to appear in more films and series, including her latest movie in 2021, Not to Forget. Despite O’Neal’s near-flawless appearance, she’s had her battles. In 2021, she revealed her surgery scars from her battle with rheumatoid arthritis.

Rebecca De Mornay – Age 63

You might know Rebecca De Mornay for movies like The Slugger’s Wife, The Three Musketeers, and Runaway Train. If you’re younger and didn’t watch any of those movies, then you probably remember her from Wedding Crashers and the Marvel series, Jessica Jones. Or better still, she made an appearance in 2021 in Lucifer.

Either way, if you watched a of the above, then you’re probably impressed at how much she hasn’t changed. Oh, and yes, lest we forget, she was also in Tom Cruise’s first big movie, Risky Business. That was, in fact, her first big appearance on camera too.

Karen Allen – Age 71

Of course, we couldn’t forget Indiana Jones’ female partner from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Karen Allen played that character and we really don’t see anyone else taking it. She reprised the role in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

It’s been more than three decades combined since she starred in both movies, but Allen hasn’t lost her adorable freckles and warm smile. Since then, she’s worked in several more movies, including her upcoming movie, Unsinkable, but none have matched the prowess of the Indiana Jones Franchise. That would be hard to beat, considering it is still one of the highest-grossing franchises in the world.

Jami Gertz – Age 57

Few people grow gracefully and actually look better with age; Jami Gertz is one of them. At 57, she looks like she could still play some of her earlier roles, including Judy Miller in Still Standing. She’s come a long way from playing teen movies like Crossroads and The Lost Boys, as she’s now more than an actress.

She’s an investor with shares in the baseball club, Milwaukee Brewers. She also co-owns the NBA team Atlanta Hawks with her billionaire husband, Tony Ressler. Despite her business interests, she still has her eyes on acting. She’ll be in an upcoming movie titled I Want You Back.

Victoria Principal – Age 73

Victoria Principal has done a lot since she starred as Pamela in the TV series Dallas. “A lot” might be understating things, as Principal now probably has up to four different careers. She’s now also a movie producer having started her production company in the late ’80s. She’s a best-selling author and has written three books on wellness and health.

What probably takes up her time the most is her career as an entrepreneur. She owns a line of skincare products called Principal Secret. With all her interests, it’s no wonder she quit acting early. Her last appearance was in a Dallas Reunion in 2004.

Milana Vayntrub – Age 36

This stunning damsel swept audiences off their feet in 2013 when she appeared in AT&T’s TV commercials. She played the character of saleswoman Lily Adams. Her beauty was hard to ignore, and she went on to bag roles in series like Other Space and This Is Us.

Her climb to success wasn’t accidental, as you might think. She actually studied for her career and has been in commercials since she was five. She’s done more AT&T commercials since the 2013 ad, including the latest one in 2020. She’s continued to get more acting roles, like her major role in the 2021 movie, Werewolves Within.

Sally Struthers – Age 75

Sally Struthers became famous in the 70s through the classic series, All in the Family. She played the character of Gloria Bunker, which she’s still known for today. She’s now 75 years even though she barely looks like she’s in her 50s. And no, she hasn’t had a facelift.

Unlike what several people might think, Struthers career didn’t slow down as she got older. As a matter of fact, she’s been quite active in getting roles in several movies and series, including the 2018 movie Christmas Harmony, which was her last appearance.

Melinda Messenger – Age 52

If you think there’s hardly any difference between these two pictures, you’re not alone. Melinda Messenger is now 52 years old, but she still looks just like she did when she entered the limelight as a model. She is one of the few celebrities widely known to have had breast enhancements, which she did to boost her modeling career.

Messenger naturally is not so secretive about her artificial procedures. She even revealed that a skin procedure was the secret to her seemingly ageless skin. Messenger quit her career as a TV presenter in 2015 to focus on being a psychotherapist. Although she still appeared in House of Games in 2021.

Samantha Fox – Age 57

Samantha Fox began her rise to stardom by appearing topless in The Sun newspaper. Not many models with such beginnings go on to make something of themselves, but Fox was different. She became really popular and became one of the most photographed British women of the ’80s.

She could have stopped there, but she launched a career as a pop artist, and her fame truly catapulted. Now that she’s 57, she looks far from done. If anything, she’s become more intense, as she revealed in 2019 that she’s been making more visits to the health club.

Fairuza Balk – 49

American actress and musician Fairuza Balk has been in the limelight for several decades. Balk gained her first role at the age of six but became famous three years later after her performance in the 1985 film “Return to Oz.” Since then, she has featured in numerous films, including “The Craft: Legacy,” “Paradise City” and the 2022 TV series “Close Enough.”

Acting is not the only thing Balk is good at, it seems. She knows how to take care of herself as well, as her unchanging radiance over the years might suggest. With several awards and nominations in her trophy cabinet, Balk has made an outstanding career for herself.

Phoebe Cates – 59

American actress Phoebe Cates was one of the Hollywood sweethearts of the ’80s. Cates gained fame after her roles in movies like “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” “Drop Dead Fred” and “Gremlins.”. She has since featured in numerous television shows and movies throughout her career.

The New York-born actress ended her acting career early in 2001 after her memorable performance in the movie “The Anniversary Party.” Although Cates had a brief career, she left quite a long-lasting impression in Hollywood. Judging by her still flawless looks, her beauty also enjoys the same longevity. As of 2022, her 2005 founded boutique called Blue Tree Store has continued to thrive.

Catherine Bell – 54

Catherine Bell is one of the most respected actresses in Hollywood. The British star made a name for herself after her outstanding performance in the television series “JAG.” Her remarkable acting skills in the series “Good Witch” have also earned her a spot as one of the Hallmark Channel’s biggest names.

Bell has since featured in various movies and Television series such as “NCIS: Los Angeles” and “A Summer To Remember.” She isn’t secretive about how she’s managed to look so flawless over the years—consistently keeping a clean face does the trick. She was in the 2022 movie “Jailbreak Lovers.”

Laura San Giacomo – 60

If you are a fan of romantic comedy, you’d probably recognize talented American actress Laura San Giacomo. Giacomo is widely known for her role in the 1989 movie ” S**, Lies, and Videotape.” Her exceptional acting skills in this movie earned her an Independent Spirit Award and gave her the much-needed fame to move her career forward.

Shortly afterward, she went on to appear in several movies and TV series, including “Pretty Woman,” “Just Shoot Me,” “Honey Boy,” and the 2022 movie “Barry.” Giacomo has also had numerous awards and nominations like the Palm Beach International Film Festival and the Golden Satellite Award nominations.

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