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 I think it was  sandy shaw...... or dusty springfield who penned a  song .....the other man's grass is  always greener .....(i am too lazy to look it up .....maybe you might want to) it's a  song about their grass is  better than yours .....i love the royals ....but  i cannot imagine the  whole  can load of  duties .........and  shit that has to be done ....... every fucking day ......sure the money is  good  .......but image ....appearances  .....etc .....royal duties .......i do my 8 hour shift and  i don't .....sure i do not have millions .....or the  pizzaz......neither the  fuck would i want to have that life peace need to be guarded  24/7/4/12/365...........i always say looks good  to the eye ...but when the  doors are  closed fucker knows.........time and  time again i have seen people play happy families  while  the  shambles that lies  beneath .....and all they do is  try to impress  while  the whole thing is  unfolding .....even my family i was  raised  ....i had an amazing childhood .............but when the  sisters got married it was   a  fucking   ...shambles ......and lies  and  stupidity set me up  to see  the ullshit of  the   average family  unit's all fucking   pretend  ....very few .....and i mean very few   families  are normal me .....and the truth ......well that is the destruction of the  family unit ........for sure .....for  real .....

King Charles’ Cancer Is ‘Eating Him Alive’: ‘The Situation Is Desperate’ for the Royal Family

King Charles’ health is declining rapidly amid attempts to save the crumbling 1,200-year-old British monarchy, which has been rocked to its very foundations by a seemingly endless torrent of scandal, disease, family feuds and an heir too weak and distracted to pull it out of a catastrophic tailspin, high placed palace sources exclusively tell In Touch.

“King Charles is much sicker than the palace lets on and simply isn’t up to the job of running his fractious family, the crown’s business interests and fulfilling the daily duties of the monarchy,” a member of the royal inner circle reveals. “His cancer is eating him alive. He’s very frail. The situation is desperate.”

Sadly, Charles, 75, waited more than seven decades to ascend the throne only to see the monarchy spin wildly out of control since his mother Queen Elizabeth’s death in September 2022. And with Charles in the dire throes of his cancer battle — said to be killer pancreatic tumors — an “exhausted” 76-year-old Queen Camilla, who’d filled in for her ailing husband on 13 separate occasions, carefreely jetted off to the Mediterranean on vacation!

Meanwhile, Prince William, 41-year-old heir to the throne, has cut back on his royal duties to attend to his ailing wife, Princess Kate Middleton, 42, and deal with other issues.

When William bowed out of a February memorial for King Constantine of Greece due to “personal reasons,” the family scraped the bottom of the royal barrel by allowing accused sex predator Prince Andrew to represent it.

“Behind the scenes, Camilla is disgusted by the king’s apparent weakness and is providing him little comfort as he battles his fatal cancer,” reveals a palace courtier. “By going on holiday, she was thumbing her nose at stepson William, who is incapable of shouldering the monarchy’s burdens on his own.”

To some degree, Charles’ other siblings, Princess Anne, 73, and Prince Edward, 60, and his wife Sophie, 59, have tried to fill some of the gaps but are clearly overwhelmed. Anne, who’s had a frosty relationship with Camilla, is now said to be grousing about getting dumped with some of the vacationing queen’s workload.

Royal observers believe the seeds of the monarchy’s destruction were sown some 12 years ago with efforts to streamline the number of relatives who could officially represent the family. That clutch was further reduced when Charles’ son Prince Harry, 39, met and married Meghan, 42. The two went on to break with the family and embark on a ruthless, persistent campaign to disparage their royal kin.

“The end result is where we are today,” notes one observer. “After nearly two months of rolling crises, the royal family looks threadbare, depleted and wan.”

King Charles Cancer diagnosis
King Charles Cancer diagnosis

And whatever unity they may have once shared now seems shattered. “The monarchy is in a shambles and has embraced a bunker mentality, with royal family members all looking to ensure their own survival after the coming apocalypse,” says the courtier.

“Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan are lurking in the shadows and appear to be savoring every humiliation heaped on the royal family. They are truly getting the last laugh — and word is they are waiting to deliver a killing blow.”

But perhaps the greatest threat to the House of Windsor’s survival are William and Kate. Young and vital with three lovely children, they were once seen as the glittering future of the monarchy. But William’s obsession with Harry’s betrayal, Kate’s shocking cancer diagnosis, rumored marital issues and, most recently, an embarrassing family photo doctoring scandal have tarnished their once golden image.

“William is totally distracted by his wife Kate’s physical and emotional issues and the problems in their marriage,” confides the courtier. “He also can’t seem to control his fury over Harry and Meghan.”

To deal with the stress, sources say William is hitting the bottle — but his boozing is just adding to his problems with Kate.

“William has increased his drinking to relieve the added royal pressures and drown his rage over Harry and Meghan’s attacks on the family, and that’s put him on a collision course with his wife,” confides another palace source.

It all adds up to perilous days for the British crown.

“There’s a very real fear we’re in the end times of the Windsor monarchy,” says the first palace insider. “The feeling is The Firm won’t survive Charles’ death — and His Majesty has declared William unfit to be king!”

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