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Well on a positive not in this case  she did  only  identify as a  dj .......and not  a   lumberjack .......with  touurettes ..........and an  addiction to  chainsaw technology....... who loves  disfiguring  people .....straight men .........

Woman killed at Chiefs' Super Bowl celebration identified as radio DJ

Shooting after Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade leaves one dead
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A woman who was killed in the deadly mass shooting at the end of the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade has been identified as local radio host Lisa Lopez-Galvan, authorities said Thursday.

Lopez-Galvan, who hosted radio station KFFI's "Taste of Tejano," was 43, police said.

  Lisa Lopez-Galvan / Credit: KKFI
Lisa Lopez-Galvan / Credit: KKFI

"We are still learning about her, but know that she is beloved by many," Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves said Thursday. "To her friends and family, we are with you, and we are working tirelessly to investigate her murder."

KFFI first announced Lopez-Galvan's death in a post on social media on Wednesday. Authorities confirmed her death in a news conference on Thursday.

At least 21 other people were wounded in the shooting, including children and teens, authorities said. Eight had "immediately" life-threatening injuries, seven had life-threatening injuries and six had minor injuries, Kansas City Fire Department chief Ross Grundyson said.

Lopez-Galvan, whose DJ name was "Lisa G," was an extrovert and devoted mother, Rosa Izurieta and Martha Ramirez, two childhood friends who worked with her at a staffing company, told the Associated Press.

"This senseless act has taken a beautiful person from her family and this KC Community," KKFI said in a statement.

Izurieta told the AP that Lopez-Galvan attended the parade with her husband and her adult son, a die-hard Kansas City sports fan who was also shot.

The shooting happened near Union Station in Kansas City, at the conclusion of the Chiefs' Super Bowl victory parade Wednesday. Three people were taken into custody shortly after the shooting, officials said, and at least one firearm has been recovered, Graves said.

Lopez-Galvan's bio on KFFI's website says she has been a private DJ for more than 15 years and began hosting "Taste of Tejano" in March 2022.

"For Lisa music is life and a source of happiness," her bio reads. "Anyone could 'get away' mentally while listening to their favorite genre; music can also be a form of therapy for some."

Lisa Lopez, a longtime friend of no relation who works at the Kansas City Star, told the newspaper that Lopez-Galvan was "the most wonderful, beautiful person."

"She was a local DJ," Lopez told the Star. "She did everybody's weddings. We all know her. She was so full of life."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Shooting after Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade leaves one dead

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