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SAMANTHA FOX ..................


I remember the days .........when sammy  would be topless........  nearly three times a week.....sometimes..... in the sun tits were  epic ......she was  topless was  always  good....... i am not sure  if the  sun does  topless  anymore ......because of all the  woke  ass   dildos ....and  assholes living in UK these  days know the feminists..... and  all the politicalstupidity .........oh well .....

Samantha Fox Kicked Off Plane, Arrested For Alleged Drunken Behavior Delaying Flight

Singer Samantha Fox was arrested for an alleged drunken disturbance on a plane bound for Munich from London’s Heathrow airport.

Fox, whose heyday was the late 1980s, was on a British Airways flight when she allegedly got into a dispute with another passenger. The plane was on the runway but was turned around and returned to the gate.

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Police reports said a woman in her 50s was arrested on suspicion of being drunk on board an aircraft. Fox later said she is helping with the investigation and is “deeply sorry for any disruption caused.”

Its passengers had to get off and were put up in a hotel. They made the journey the next day.

Fox first came to public attention as a Page 3 girl in the Sun UK tabloid, where she appeared regularly as a prominent sex symbol from 1983 until 1986. She released her first album in 1986 for Jive Records, and the song Touch Me (I Want Your Body) became a top-10 hit across Europe, North America, and Australia, reaching number one in several countries.

She went on to release several more albums and then became a frequent talk show and reality TV guest.

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