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I will always try and  bring you the  best of the  best  .....of whatever it is  ......and today condoms ......i  hate them  ...but they are way better  than   babies and less expensive too ............there is  no  excuse to get  a   rash/itch /burn/pox/disease/AIDS.....none  those  things you can  find  anywhere if you get something it is  your fault cannot  go  bare  back these  days..........  not all  at   ...there are too many dirtywhore/skank/trick/bitches/prostitutes/slags/......if in doubt wear a  sack not  go bare back ........that is  my haiku for  you  ....


The 13 Best Condoms to Make Sex Better and Safer, For Everyone Involved

Indulge in more—and safer—pleasure with these trusted options.

Headshot of The Esquire EditorsBy The Esquire Editors

We really hate to do this. Someone should have done it before us, but it's time for The Talk. The one about protection. It goes something like this: Put on a condom before you go in, damn it.

Condoms get wrongfully denounced as the public enemy of sexual pleasure, kind of the opposite of lube. But if that's the case, you're just not using the right one. The perfect pairing can actually bring your hook-up to the next level, even if you've got sensitive skin.

To start, we must accept that there's not a one-size-fits-all solution, literally. Fit is a big factor. Materials also matter, especially if you’re allergic to latex. (And not just "allergic to latex.") Textures and shapes can augment pleasure as well as safety. And thinness really plays a part in getting the barely-there natural high during the deed.

So, we’ve nominated 13 of the best condoms in the market. Each will do their part of safeguarding against STDs and pregnancies without killing the heat. So start being the sex-positive, healthy guy who can turn safer sex into better sex. And it's probably best to shop here, way better than at your local CVS.

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Ultra-Thin Latex Condoms

Sustain Natural Ultra-Thin Latex Condoms

Now 20% Off

Sustain takes out all the shit about a condom that would typically cause issues, irritation, or cancer. There's no GMOs, no nitrosamines, no parabens, no fragrances, and no animal products (which is very uncommon, believe it or not). Plus, the brand donates one percent of sales to women's healthcare orgs.

It's as clean as a condom gets, perfect for those that really care about the ingredients list.

Ultra-Thin Latex Condoms

Maude Ultra-Thin Latex Condoms

These days, we really prefer the natural option. The other stuff—ribbing, bare skin, whatever—can be fun or useful, but when you think about the sensitive areas a condom is interacting with, we put a short ingredients list as priority number one.

Maude's Rise condoms are great for that. Natural latex, no fragrances, and no spermicides. Pair it with the brand's aloe-based lube and you've got the cleanest safe sex setup out there.

Oh and another big plus is the buttercup packages—makes opening and putting the condom on 100x easier.

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0.04 Zero Zero Four Condoms

Okamoto 0.04 Zero Zero Four Condoms

About as thin of an FDA-approved condom as you're going to find. You get a close to natural, barely-there feel. But, crucially, there's no added fragrances, and they're still strong and reliable.

HEX Original Condoms

LELO HEX Original Condoms

Now 54% Off

These are luxury condoms: No break, no odor, no slippage, no complaint. With a design of 350 interconnected hexagons on both the inside and outside of the shaft, they manage to tout the durability of a thick condom and encourage the intimacy of a thin one. They're latex, so you can only use water-based lube on them, but many users reported “no kids yet” after trying HEX out.

Avanti Bare Real Feel Condoms

Durex Avanti Bare Real Feel Condoms

Now 13% Off

For anyone allergic to latex, these polyisoprene condoms can still offer a skin-on-skin warmth without the horrid, fragrant smell found in other non-latex options. They're also lubricated and thin as can be.

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Ribbed Condoms

Champ Ribbed Condoms

These condoms are textured with bumps and ridges on the outer surface to easily amp up the stimulation on your partner’s end of the equation. Champ makes them with an almost-nothing-on natural feel and lubricates them with non-sticky medical-grade silicone lube—that's what you call a win-win.

Magnum Bareskin Large Size Condoms

TROJAN Magnum Bareskin Large Size Condoms

If your member runs XL, you need something special. Trojan’s Magnum Bareskin is a classic for dudes with noteworthy girth and/or length. These condoms are designed with a more spacious shape, and are surprisingly thin to get you feeling the moment and forgetting it's there. Sex shouldn't be painful, so make the switch if this fits you.

Iron Grip Lubricated Condoms

CautionWear Iron Grip Lubricated Condoms

Don't let ego get in the way of choosing the fight shape—especially if what you require is a slimmer fit. CautionWear’s Iron Grip (with a width of 46mm) will guarantee no slippage or looseness, no matter how passionate the slide-and-glide becomes. And its tighter, more snug fit translates to better sensitivity and stimulation than the baggy ones in your drawer.

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Ultra Sensitive Natural Feeling Condoms

LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive Natural Feeling Condoms

Now 47% Off

Okay, we get it, you get laid a lot and the thrusting just doesn’t feel as good as it used to. Instead of bragging, try some condoms that can restore your sensitivity, like these by LifeStyles that come with a thin flared construction for some delicate tingling.

Her Pleasure Sensations Condoms

TROJAN Her Pleasure Sensations Condoms

Now 19% Off

You do care how it feels for her, right? These are contoured and come with abundant ribs to turn up her sensation, and are smoothly lubricated to ease irritation.

Crown Condoms

Okamoto Crown Condoms

These condoms are as close to skin-on-skin as you can get. Their ultra-thinness will enable as much heat exchange as possible, but they’re also durable, slip-proof, and won’t strangle.

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Mixed Pleasures Condoms Variety Pack

ONE Condoms Mixed Pleasures Condoms Variety Pack

Some glow-in-the-dark, fruit punch-flavored, and ultra-textured condoms in between you and your partner adds to the excitement, you know? So if your relationship is at a comfortable stage, and you're looking for something new and different, this pack of unusual condoms will get you laughing and break the ice.

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