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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Have ‘Stopped Putting Effort’ in Their Relationship: ‘Could Be the End’

His birthday was chill — quite literally. Orlando Bloom celebrated turning 47 on January 13 by playing around in the snow (wearing nothing but swim trunks) and taking a dip in a hot tub with friends. “Keepin’ it cool,” he later recapped of the frozen frolic in an Instagram Story. “Thank you for the birthday wishes.”

Nowhere to be seen during the fun? Orlando’s fiancĂ©e, Katy Perry. And it’s not the only special moment they’ve seemingly spent apart lately. The week before, on January 7, Orlando attended the Golden Globes in L.A. — as well as awards show after-parties — while the “Firework” singer, 39, went snowboarding in Aspen. Katy skipping out on the starry event is even more eyebrow raising when it’s considered that the duo met at the 2016 Golden Globes. She even called the ceremony their “anniversary” in a social media post of her own.

Now some fear the couple, who got engaged in 2019, may be going their separate ways permanently. “Will there ever be a wedding? That’s the million-dollar question right now — especially since there don’t appear to be any plans in the works,” an insider exclusively tells Life & Style, revealing Katy and Orlando actually argued over his going to the Globes because they’d already booked the Aspen vacation together. “She wasn’t happy about him ditching their getaway when he was suddenly asked to present at the awards show. But it’s not the only red flag that has people thinking this could be the end for them.”


They’ve admitted their relationship takes work. While Katy has credited “couples therapy” and a hyperlink to a joint calendar with keeping them on the same page, Orlando recently confessed their interests still don’t always gel. “We’re in two very different pools,” he admitted. “Her pool is not a pool that I necessarily understand, and I think my pool is not a pool that she necessarily understands. Sometimes things are really, really, really challenging. I won’t lie.”

The insider tells Life & Style, the only thing the pair “really” connect on these days is their daughter: Daisy, 3. “They live together, but it does seem like they’re leading separate lives,” says the insider. “Katy is happy filming American Idol or promoting her shoe line, while Orlando would rather be jumping out of an airplane or off a mountain.”

In 2017, their differences apparently became too much to handle — they split, only to reconcile a year later. “The counseling they used to have is in the past,” warns the insider. “It feels like Katy and Orlando have just stopped putting in the effort.”

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