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Sofia ....there is not much you can say  ....except  wow !...........

Sofia Vergara Sends Fans Into a Frenzy With Bathtub Photo From Paris

Sofia Vergara stunned fans with a candid, intimate photo taken during Paris Fashion Week.

In a new selfie shared on Instagram on Oct. 2, the America's Got Talent judge posed in a luxurious marble bathtub, showing her natural beauty as she soaked bare-faced with her hair tied back. Vergara intended the bathtub to be the star of the post, including another image featuring just the tub. She captioned the photos, "2am jetlag planning how to get this bathtub to LA🤣🤣 #paris."

However, fans were more focused on how amazing Vergara looks rather than the dreamy bathroom.

"Sofi dale la receta!! Cada día te vez más joven 😍," commented a fan, which translates to "Sofi give us the recipe! You look younger each day."

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Meanwhile, other fans gushed over her au natural look.

A fan remarked, "Wow spectacular on natural!😍😘👌🏼👑." Another agreed, writing, "Que bella sin maquillaje 👏👏👏👏👏" ("So beautiful without makeup").

One fan even went as far as opining that she looks "so much better without makeup," as another emphasized, "much better without excessive makeup 🙌."

A day after her relaxing bath, Vergara shared a peek at her Parisian getaway, snapping a selfie at dinner with fashion publicist Valentina Micchetti and film producer Mohammed Al Turki, as the trio shared a plate of berries and cream. Vergara also shared other photos and videos of her time in Paris, including footage of the busy streets during the daytime, as well as snaps from her girls' night out with Micchetti.

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