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 Still hot  AF .....after having having two dustbin lids /ankle biters/fridge raiders.....but then ivanka is  loaded......... and.........  when you are loaded .........  having kids is  easy  .....and they  get dieticians ......personal trainers   ......keep that stomach flat  AF.......for thier  hubbies .........

Ivanka Trump Flaunts Her Curves In A Sparkling Silver Two-Piece

It looks like Ivanka Trump is showing off her sense of style once again!

The daughter of former U.S. President  took to Instagram to share a single snap that featured her showing off her fit figure in a stunning silver two-piece dress that sparkled in the light!

Ivanka Trump In A Sparkling Two-Piece Flaunts Her Exposed Midriff


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The former politician put her toned abs on display in a two-piece dress that put her toned abs on display for her followers. She snapped a mirror selfie to show off her outfit, giving fans a glimpse of the outfit’s long sleeves and high slit. One of her toned legs is exposed in the shot while her strappy heels can just barely be seen through the see-through table.

Although she didn’t write anything in the caption of this Instagram post, she did share a few emojis. “Why are you so gorgeous?” one fan asked. Although many of the comments focused on her fit figure, a few turned political. “Please run for President!! I like your dad but I think you would be amazing!!” one follower exclaimed.

“Praying for your dad to come back,” another netizen chimed in. “Enjoying life while ignoring subpoenas. You and Jared belong in jail and justice is coming for all of you,” another user asked, prompting one fan to reply, “I think you are so wrong. She is absolutely stunning and has a beautiful family.”

Ivanka Has A Lot Of Family Time Since Leaving Politics Behind Her!

Even though fans are keeping the comments section of her Instagram posts political, Ivanka is looking to enjoy life with her family. In another recent Instagram post, she posted a photo of her wake surfing in a baseball cap and yellow swimsuit. Fans who swipe to the right are also treated to a video, although not all followers believe it is genuine.

“This looks fake to me,” one user wrote. “How did you pull off wearing a hat while doing that?” another follower asked. “Looks fake to me. Put them all in jail,” another netizen wrote. “Fake video! Once a grifter always a grifter,” another user wrote, however, the comments once again turned political.

Ivanka Trump Is Not Responding To Political Questions On Instagram!

“Dad’s facing 104 years; hmmm let’s go water surfing,” one user wrote. “Daddy is going to jail and I hope that you are next in line!!” another follower exclaimed. “Sure is going to be nice to have Jared subpoenaed to explain how we got the $2 billion from Saudi Arabia,” another netizen chimed in.

“Explain why Princess Jared Kushner and his bimbo wife made $640 million dollars while government employees and also why they got $2 BILLION from the Saudis, also while government employees? Please do explain that?” another user asked, but it’s clear that Ivanka doesn’t respond to political comments on her Instagram page.

Ivanka Is Traveling A Lot Lately

In yet another Instagram post, Ivanka shared a highlight of her adventures in Ibiza, Spain. She opened the carousel with another two-piece dress. This one was white and featured a floral pattern. She accessorized her look with dark sunglasses as she posed beside her husband. “Such a classy and cute couple,” one fan commented. “Enjoy your time with your husband. Try not to listen to negative comments. It is important to spend time alone. Great pictures!” another follower wrote.

“Thank you for being a great example of the American family!!! This is what success, truth, and standing for what’s right look like. It amazes me what jealousy, lack of motivation, and hate spewed to successful families look like. SMH. We honor your family and your Dad! Let’s GO!” a third fan exclaimed, including the hashtag #Trump2024.

Of course, this sparked quite a debate in the comments. “Success? Lmao yeah let's be successful by not only stealing from our own country but let's try to overthrow our democracy. What a great success story they are LMAO," another netizen responded along with a clown emoji.

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