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Well Florida is  rife with alligators ........and i am not surprised that someone  got scoffed .....i bet it is not the  first.......... or last time   ....what about the ones  ......... we  do not know  about......... that  are  scoffed .......this one was  seen .........its the price of  living in Florida 

3-foot alligator spotted with human remains in its mouth in Florida canal

13-foot alligator spotted with human remains in its mouth in Florida canal

A 13-foot alligator was spotted with human remains in its mouth in a canal in unincorporated Largo, Florida.

Jamarcus Bullard said he saw the alligator and a body in the water on 134th Avenue North on Friday afternoon.

"I threw a rock at the gator just to see if it was really a gator and like it pulled the body, like it was holding on to the lower part of the torso, and pulled it under the water," he told NBC affiliate WFLA of Tampa.

Stunned, Bullard said he started recording on his cell phone and contacted authorities. A video he shared with the news station showed an officer with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission measuring the massive animal.


The 13-foot, 8.5-inch male alligator was removed from the water and was "humanely killed," the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release. The remains of an adult were also recovered.

The victim was publicly identified Saturday as 41-year-old Sabrina Peckham. The cause and manner of death is being investigated.

The discovery has left some neighbors on edge.

Jennifer Dean told WFLA that her children frequently walk by the canal.

"So it’s really scary," she said.

Bullard said he walks by the waterway to and from work and will be more vigilant now.

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