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 I know some people think i will be off  ......but i hate  being a tourist  on  every fucking level ......what  do tourists  do and  fill their  fucking pieholes ............and  go to shows ........ and  do  tourist shit ......they go despicable annoying acts  .........the lowest........ and  worst is  cruise  ships  .....third......... or  fourth rate cabaret acts  that never  make it on the  streets ......shite .....and  all you can eat.......... and  drink packages ......... and  they take  you  to  shite destination that are  over played ..........maybe i am  wrong ........ but tourist fuck  up  everything they touch   destroy shit  ........japanese  tourist  are the  worst in the  world   camera  happy   snap  shot mother fuckers  .......take pics of  everything .........bastards  ........sorry  but   i have no sympathy for   tourist  who  drink old  drinks   ...if you do not  know  then you are a  fucking putz and  deserve all you get  is   king and  if they can s erve you old  fdrinks and  you do not know  who is  to blame ......them  .......

'Still want that drink?' Disgusting bar practice at popular holiday spot exposed by police

The raid follows the death of a 22-year-old British police officer on vacation in Greece.

While "watch your drink" is commonly told to clubgoers and college students at parties, even affluent tourists should give a second thought to the beverages they consume.

On the Greek island of Corfu, authorities in the popular party town of Kavos have uncovered an operation in which bars served British tourists drinks mixed from what was left behind by earlier customers.

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As first reported by British news outlet The Independent, Greece's Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE) tested both financial declaration and alcohol serving practices at Kavos bars between Wednesday, Aug. 30 and Friday, Sept. 1.

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Along with finding that 26 bars failed to issue receipts for transactions totaling more than $285,000, the investigators collected drink samples for tests at a local chemical laboratory.

Panoramic View Of Kavos, Greece

Results showed that some of the shots and mixed drinks served to customers came from a cannister into which bartenders dumped the remnants of drinks left behind by those who visited the bar before. 

Some of the drink samples were also found to contain tampered alcohol.

As a result of the raid, police temporarily shuttered or fined 28 bars in Kavos. Officials have also warned tourists to be aware of the situation and be careful consuming drinks at establishments that appear suspicious. The crackdown and attempt to catch these illegal practices will continue in the coming weeks and may uncover more such incidents.

The raid came after 22-year-old British police officer Hannah Byrne fell and died after consuming an alcoholic drink believed to be laced with methanol — Greek media outlets reported that many of the bars in Kavos were able to pass by with "no checks" for years.

Take these steps to protect yourself on vacation (and avoid tainted alcohol)

As the investigation over the type of alcohol consumed by Byrne and how it could have contributed to her death continues, Kavos is under fire for poor bar practices that could endanger tourists.

The U.S. State Department has, in the past, issued multiple advisories around tainted alcohol at resorts in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. In 2020, Mexico saw a spike in alcohol-related deaths after more than 70 people died from consuming tainted alcohol at bars in the Puebla region.

Similar mass incidents of alcohol poisoning have also occurred at popular resort areas in Costa Rica. To protect oneself from such situations, the State Department advised remaining aware of one's surroundings and avoiding bars that may appear suspicious.

As it is not always possible to make these judgements ahead of time, it is also important not to dismiss feeling ill and immediately find a clinic in the case that symptoms worsen and one will not be able to do so later.

"In past years, there have been reports from U.S. citizens concerned they may have consumed tainted alcohol," the government agency said in a special notice for students spending time abroad. "Drink responsibly and in moderation. Stop and seek medical attention if you begin to feel ill."


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