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Well it is  hard to comment on this after all is Nebraska ! .......and you all know  what  comes  from Nebraska !!!!!!! ........(officer and a  gentleman ........2 things ....or was it  texas or  arkansas........)......

Driver with Adult Bull in Passenger Seat Pulled Over by Nebraska Police: ‘Some Citable Issues’

Lee Meyer was taking his bull Howdy Doody for a ride when police performed a routine traffic stop: "You’re not going to run across that every day," Police Captain Chad Reiman tells PEOPLE

Lee Meyer driving with bull in passenger seat in Nebraska.
Lee Meyer driving with bull in passenger seat in Nebraska.

A Nebraska man was pulled over by police Wednesday for driving with the biggest front-seat passenger imaginable: a fully-grown Watusi bull.

Norfolk Police Division responded to a call about a bull riding shotgun with the man on 275 eastbound at around 10:00 a.m., according to News Channel Nebraska.

The man — identified as Lee Meyer of Neligh — was driving with a bull named Howdy Doody, per the outlet. Authorities performed a routine traffic stop and saw a yellow barrier on the side of the car to keep the bull inside.

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“The officers received a call referencing a car driving into town that had a cow in it,”  Police Captain Chad Reiman told the outlet. “They thought that it was going to be a calf, something small or something that would actually fit inside the vehicle.”

“As a result, the officer performed a traffic stop and addressed some traffic violations that were occurring with that particular situation,” Reiman added.

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“The officer wrote him some warnings,” Reiman continued. “There were some citable issues with that situation. The officer chose to write him a warning and ask him to take the animal back home and leave the city.”

Nebraska police pull over driver with bull in passenger seat
Nebraska police pull over driver with bull in passenger seat

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“I don’t know why he was doing it that day,” Reiman exclusively tells PEOPLE. “I asked him what kind of animal it was, where he lived, how far he came from, and those types of things. I talked to him about the violations that were occurring and that was pretty much the extent of our conversation."

"I can honestly say that I haven’t seen anything like that before,” he adds. “It was different, for sure. You’re not going to run across that every day.”

Meyer made headlines in 2019 when he drove Howdy Doody down a parade route in town, according to a Facebook post by Antelope County News. Video of Meyer’s float — number 53 and with a license plate titled “Boy & Dog” — was captured by the outlet.

“FAN FAVORITE: The kids went wild when Lee Meyer of Neligh drove his watusi named "Howdy Doody" on the parade route!” the outlet captioned the post.

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The "A Boy and His Dog" float won first place at the Kolach Days Parade in Verdigre back in 2017, Norfolk Daily News reported, adding that the video quickly went viral with over 2 million views.

According to the outlet, locals said of Meyer and the bull, “Only in Verdigre.”

The Norfolk Nebraska Police Division did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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