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I have been waiting for this one .....weddings ........the bigget  scan next to fucking funerals ....... both   bullshit  expensive  scam  .....but hey!!!!........ if  you are  brainwashed to believe  otherwise  .........then it's  all good are total bollocks .....and i can prove it can date a  beraod  and  stay at her parents  house  .....and you have to have  seperate  bedrooms and they know you are fucking .........but the dad  wants you seperate  that is  horseshite ........

but after the dad  walks  the daughter  down the ailse  ....and you marry her can  do wtf you want with her can literally walk up to him....... and  day .......pap's  i am  takiung your  daughter wife.......  up stairs to the  hotel room  ......... fuck her like a tavern  wench....... and  there is nothing you can do  about it!!!!!  ....because she is  the wife !!!! ....unless  she wants a divorce of  course ........i mean it is a  stupid fucking day  where the day pays to have  his  daughter   fucked in the same   hotel the recprion is prostitution in a subliminal sense of  course ........that all a wedding is  handing off your daughter  to get fucked   for  her hubby .......if not prove me wrong ......the guy dresses  like  a fucking penguin's not about him !!!!!  ....his  freind's  are  there  trying to pork the bridesmaids ........and  get drunk free .......that's the truth ........2 out of  three weddings end up in divorce anyways........  so  boom nice  bizzo for  some  fucker......  

 Things Newlyweds Regret Spending Money On For Their Big Day


On the big wedding day, most couples go all out. Money is no object when they’re trying to create the best day of their lives. This may be the feeling heading into the wedding but the honeymoon is officially over when the bills arrived, and most couples start feeling regretful. While money seems to be flying all over the place planning for a wedding, there are five aspects that most newlyweds agree they spent too much on. Zola wedding company surveyed Newlyweds, and here’s what they found to be their biggest expense regrets.

Mark Gail/The Washington Post via Getty Images

22% Say They Spent Too Much On Flowers and Decor reported that couples usually spend around $2,141 for flowers, which includes bouquets, centerpieces and other decorations.

20% Said They Went Overboard on Hair and Makeup

Hair and makeup vary, depending on the bride, but 1 out of 5 regrets how much they spent on getting ready. The average cost of hair styling is $119 and makeup $100.

19% Spent Too Much On Catering

Feeding your family and friends is important, but maybe it’s best not to overdo it. Most couples regret how much they spent on catering. The average cost is $71 a head, yikes!

19% Wished They Had Cut Back On Wedding Attire

The bride’s dress always has a higher price tag than the groom’s attire. The average American bride spent $1,564 on her wedding dress, while the groom spent just $280. Still, they feel like they overspent. (If there are two brides, that can really push up the cost!)

17% Regret Their Expensive Invitations

The invitation is the first taste of your wedding day that guests are going to experience. Maybe it’s the first thing that couples even pick out, and they don’t foresee how much they’re going to be spending on the rest of their wedding planning. 17% of newlyweds regret how much they spent on their wedding invitations, which averages at $462!

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