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The biggest nuase for me is  talking .......and  chomping while eating.......  i fucking  hate these ignoramuses need to get fucking manners you hillbilly bastard......that is my biggest  hatred .....and  the others too but that is  my biggest ..............

“Irrational Hatred” 10 Things People Despise For No Good Reason

Are there things that make you irrationally angry, even if they seem insignificant to others? If so, you're not alone. Recently, people have shared some weird things that they irrationally hate on an online platform. There's something for everyone, from loud bass enthusiasts to modern country music. So sit back, relax, and you'll find that your pet peeve is not unusual.

1. Creepy Cotton Balls

scared peaking behind hands
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As soon as the user opens that pill jar and reaches in to grab a cotton ball, their fingers recoil in horror. The texture is unbearable, and the sound of the fibers rubbing against each other sends shivers down their spine. It's like nails on a chalkboard, but even worse. Despite their best efforts to avoid touching them, sometimes they have no choice but to squish the cotton ball and endure the discomfort. It's a strange quirk, but one they have learned to live with, even if it means wearing gloves to handle them.

2. Talking Animals and Babies

Woman scared watching tv
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Have you ever seen those videos of talking animals or babies that seem everywhere on social media? An individual is the bane of their existence. Seeing a dog or cat's mouth moving in a way that resembles speech is enough to make their skin crawl. It's not just the weirdness of everything but the feeling of being tricked into thinking that animals can talk. The hatred is so intense that they must change the channel or scroll past the video as quickly as possible to avoid feeling physically ill.

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3. Lights Out, Irritation On

Man plugging his ears.
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Most people react with a little gasp or a muttered curse word when the lights go out or the movie skips. But for the commenter, the overreaction of others is enough to make them see red. They cannot stand the unnecessary noises and comments accompanying these minor glitches. Instead of staying calm and quiet, the others worsen the situation with loud and panicked reactions. It's like nails on a chalkboard; the person wishes they could plug their ears and block out the noise.

4. Bass is Not Everything

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Some people love to blast their music with enough bass to rattle the windows. However, for the particular user, that kind of behavior is enough to make them want to tear their hair out. They cannot stand that someone would equate sound quality with loud bass. To them, music is a delicate balance of treble, mid-range, and bass, each element contributing to a perfect listening experience. They cannot comprehend why some people would overlook the importance of a well-rounded sound system in favor of one that thumps.

5. PT Cruisers and Their Drivers

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The PT Cruiser: a car that has divided opinions since its debut. For someone, it is an abomination on wheels. The outdated design and clunky appearance make their blood boil. And wait to get them started on the people who drive them. They are convinced that PT Cruiser owners have no taste or sense of style, and they cannot understand why anyone would willingly choose to drive such an eyesore. It may be an irrational hatred, but it's one that they wear with pride.

6. Open Mouths and Chomping

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The individual expressed an irrational loathing for people who walk around with their mouths open and eat with their mouths chomping open. The sight and sound of someone loudly chewing their food or walking around with their mouth agape are enough to make them want to scream. The individual acknowledges that it may be an irrational hatred, but they can't stand this behavior.