Sunday, June 25, 2023



Every now and then........ i think of how much time i missed with my parents ........and  can never  ever  get those days  back i wrote this  ......on what i felt ........ on not spending more time....... .with the most precious people of all in life ........

                        THE WILLOW TREE.......

I wished that you were here  with me ,
As i sit under the willow tree.
The sun is shining on my face,
as i sit alone in this beautiful place.
The birds are singing ,
and flowers everywhere.
it's a pity you're not here to share.
This beautiful moment here with me .
As i sit alone under the willow tree.

Maybe one day we can sit ,under the trees shade 
Before the sun will set and fade.
But i promise this unto you ,
moments like these are far and few.
This is a place you can set yourself free ,
when you join me under the willow tree

It would be a shame to let this moment go by,
As i look up through the branches ,
and see the clear blue sky.
Oh! this moment i would love to share ,
as i pause for a moment ,
and breathe in life's fresh air

I cannot think of a  more beautiful place to be ,
as i sit under the willow tree!!!!.......

                       written in 1998 memory of the greatest man that ever lived father ...dedicated to all the moments i missed with gim in my life ........

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