Woman Says "Natural Bodies Are For Poor Females" – People are Outraged
Woman Says "Natural Bodies Are For Poor Females" – People are Outraged© Provided by BuzzLoving

One woman’s tweet made a round across social media platforms and caused quite a stir.

The woman, whose Twitter handle is @GoatedThroated, wrote, “Natural bodies are for poor females.”

The woman added, “I said what I said,” implying she had no intention of explaining her views.

The controversial tweet received over 200 comments and was seen over 700k times. It remains a mystery whether it was a joke or not.

The tweet from January 26, 2023, got attention from Reddit users, as one person explained the danger of sharing such ideas:

“What’s crazy about social media is there is SOMEONE, or multiple people, who WILL have this tweet in the back of their mind and will influence a decision they were on the fence about.”

The highlighted comment with over 1.2k upvotes read:

“Natural bodies are for women that have no self-esteem issues.”

One Reddit user wondered what is sadder, “the women dying from BBLs, or the men dying from steroids?” The person said we normalize this behavior, so “we aren’t even attracted to normal, human bodies anymore.”

Another wrote, “I was just able to build my dream body in the gym.”

Someone who knows more about the poster of the tweet simply wrote, “Ah yes, @goatedthroated. A true barometer of health and wellness on the community.” They added an eye-roll emoticon.

Then there was a comment saying it was “Rage bait.”

Another Reddit user argued, “Or we just see all the botched bodies and think… Nah, I’ll just stick with this one.”

Many pointed out plastic surgery is lazy, with one person saying, “Go to the gym, eat healthy, get a nice body. Seek therapy, and get a nice mind. Do the work, and win the prize. When the doc does the work, the prize is theirs alone.”

A person replied, “You can easily spend thousands just to be the same size next year if you don’t work out.”

Others found this tweet amusing, claiming it was too early for this discussion and adding, “I guess they don’t have to worry about retiring someday because they are mostly made of plastic, so they will live forever.”

Someone simply wrote, “I hate the internet,” while another poster made fun of the OP’s Twitter handle. They said, “I, for one, cannot believe that someone whose handle is “Goated Throated” would be so superficial and vapid….”

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And though some argued that this is a “Whole new level of insecurity unlocked,” another person was just “Happy to be a poor female.”

Another asked people to go outside and have brunch, calling the original poster “delusional.”

Many wanted people to “Stop normalizing procedure’ enhancements.'”

Some did not fall for the bait, as they claim this was “her logic for justifying getting surgeries, nothing more, nothing less. She has already made the decision and has to make herself feel good about it. To make herself feel good, she has to make others feel bad because she sees no value in herself unless she’s above others.”

Another person tried to reason with the tweet, claiming that “Natural bodies are for humans. The internet really has empowered stupidity to the umpteenth power.”

The woman who posted the tweet got attention. But Reddit users were way kinder than those who replied on Twitter.

But, one Reddit user had a much healthier approach to cosmetic surgery: “If you wanna be natural, that’s just fine. If you want some enhancements, that’s just fine. It’s your body, do whatever you want with it.”

What do you think about the statement “Natural bodies are for poor females?”

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