Left: Dylan Mulvaney appears in an Instagram video. Right: A Bud Light can featuring Mulvaney.
Left: Dylan Mulvaney appears in an Instagram video. Right: A Bud Light can featuring Mulvaney.© Screenshots via @dylanmulvaney/Instagram

Sales for the beleaguered beer company, Bud Light, have fallen for a sixth consecutive week following its partnership with transgender social-media influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

Beer Business Daily, a trade publication, found that the volume of Bud Light sales had dropped by 28.4 percent in the second week of May, up from 27.7 percent the week prior.

“This could be a promotional summer the likes we haven’t seen since after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, where there was so much beer inventory backed up in the trade that it initiated the price war of all price wars,” the industry outlet told Fox News Business.

“[L]arge price wars are often sparked by external events— in that case Hurricane Katrina, and in this case Hurricane Mulvaney.”

“The only difference this time is the external event is only negatively affecting one brewer,” Beer Business Daily added.

The consumer cutback on Bud Light has become so bad that one store is even reportedly offering cases of 24-packs – which normally retail close to $20 – for just $3.49 to offset some of the costs of inventory before the beverage expires.

The offer is part of a broader trend plaguing the parent company, Anehueser-Busch InBev, which has struggled to retain fleeing customers. In early May, the alcohol giant reportedly offered every employee of a wholesaler a free case of Bud Light beer to help move inventory.

“This can is not a formal campaign or advertisement,” a letter to distributors obtained by the Wall Street Journal read. “Our new Vice President of Bud Light and all of us at Anheuser-Busch are committed to reminding all of our consumers why they love Bud Light and why they’ve made it the #1 beer in America.”

However, the promotional efforts — including new, patriotic-themed advertisements — have so far failed to attract shoppers back into the fold. In mid April, Bud Light released a new promotion trying to appeal to consumers frustrated by the Mulvaney partnership.

Such efforts have seemingly failed to slow the skid of Bud Light sales. Instead, rival brands, including Coors Light and Miller Lite, have reported an uptick in sales above 15 percent over the same time period.