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Another day, another drama as a liberal Black woman is complaining about how White women are dangerous. Following that, the woman states that White people are in some sort of “cult” regardless of their religion and ethnicity. She also cites the ever so controversial the bicycle issue where Black men were arguing with a White woman over the bicycle. 

An interesting article from Vox in 2021 states, experts emphasize that White women have been actively involving themselves with White supremacy in the United States. Following that,  the article claims that it is in historical roots tracing its way back to their complicity in slavery. 

This participation persists beyond the Civil War, spanning the emergence and development of the Ku Klux Klan and extending to the civil rights movement. This is where White women notably are in opposition to school integration.

Interesting viewpoints from Twitter users regarding how White women are “dangerous” 


A feminist states that it is crazy how minorities can get away with talking about White people in such an awful manner. She states that the level of hate White people are receving is unreal. If a role reversal was ever to occur, there would be massive outrage all over the country. Furthermore, she states that this should be a problem as racism goes both ways. 

Furthermore, there are arguments between liberals and conservatives in the thread. Some state that it is not fair that the Black woman is marginalizing White people into a singluar category.  At the same time, minorities in America state that it is not fair to marginalize them. However, a liberal states that there is in no way the woman state anything that implies the marginalization of anyone. 

Other users state that people like her should focus more on improving her own life and the life of those around her. This is a better alternative rather than to blame an entire racial group for her misfortunes. Moreover, conservatives agree with this sentiment, however, one user states that it is easy to simply blame people for one’s own misfortune. 

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