Fat transgender
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Al.weeezy, a transgender TikToker who recently found moderate fame after joining a panel cries in her Uber after being rejected by men in clubs. Furthermore, she is proud of her body size and claims to be a 10/10. Internet users are saying the contrary, regardless of how she feels as she is blaming men for not liking her. 

A number of prominent Twitter users rush to the scene to call her out for her behavior. One user claims that if she had friends that genuinely care about her, she would be told that she is morbidly obese. Unfortunately, for her case, the user claims that her family and friends are lying to her. 

The internet is not having this transgender influencer blaming men for her shortcomings

Tristan Tate, Andrew Tate’s brother, rushes to the scene to leave his two cents. It appears that he is always around when there is something controversial brewing. He states that good friends will constantly remind each other to work out, hence after seeing this, he feels like working out. 


There are a number of transphobic comments directed towards the influencer. This is due to the Twitter users calling her a man. Others made fatphobic comments saying that she only passes as a woman due to her overweight body. Furthermore, they claim that her fats are covering her Adam’s apple and many bone structures. 


Some neutral users state that they are against bullying and body shaming. However, they do agree that to a certain extent, we should not enable such people to lead unhealthy lifestyles. The user adds that glorifying them instead of getting them the help they need isn’t improving anyone’s situation. 

Another user decides to make fun of the influencer’s appearance rating. She proclaims to be a 10, but this user states that she is a 400+, judging from her weight. It is unfortunate to receive such comments as at the end of the day, she is still a human being. Regardless, we all know how cruel the internet can get sometimes, and whatever we upload to the social media stratosphere will permanently remain there.