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Dad in Viral Video Accused of Being Abusive Over How He Handled Toddler Meltdown

Published May 24, 2023
Toddler tantrum

As any parent who's ever had a toddler knows, sometimes they just lose it and decide they're done listening and have had enough that day. And sometimes, no amount of talking patiently, redirecting, or even ignoring their behavior helps. Well, one 2-year-old apparently had enough after she went to the grocery store with her dad, and instead of walking into the house when they arrived home, she proceeded to lay down on the driveway and throw a tantrum. But her dad seemingly took it all in stride and mom captured it all in a hilarious viral video.

The video posted on Instagram by @Pubity has received over 1 million likes and over 15,000 comments. While most users applauded the dad for reacting so nonchalantly, other users criticized his actions.

‘Our 2-year-old refused to walk to the house so my husband did this,’ the mom wrote.

Toddler temper tantrums can really test your limits, they call them the "terrible twos" for a good reason. In the video, the father is seen unloading and carrying multiple bags of groceries he took out of the car. Meanwhile, his 2-year-old daughter lays on the ground on the driveway, presumably refusing to walk into the house.

Without skipping a beat, her father quietly and gently picks the child up by her jacket in one hand, groceries in the other, and walks inside. Mom is heard laughing in the background while she records the video.

While it’s easy to judge a parent’s response in a single moment or situation, who knows what kind of behavior the dad dealt with before that moment.

The majority of social media users thought the dad was simply being efficient and didn’t react aggressively or angrily, but others compared picking the toddler up by the coat to child abuse. In response, many users pointed out that these individuals probably don’t have kids or toddlers themselves.

Either way, viewers are only seeing one brief moment from this dad’s day and judging from the bags he unloaded from their car, he had to go to the grocery store with his 2-year-old, a task any parent knows can be overwhelming.

If her laying on the ground is any indication of how that shopping trip went, it was probably a rough time. But he still didn’t lose his cool and his toddler got a "free ride," as many pointed out in the comments.

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There are different ways for parents to handle temper tantrums.

There's more than one way to respond to or handle a temper tantrum. When it comes to dealing with a toddler's meltdowns, it is recommended that parents stay calm first of all, advises Mayo Clinic. Which this dad seemed to do a great job of as he doesn't yell or display any angry behavior.

Redirecting or distracting during the meltdown is also suggested. You can try making a funny face or a change of location, depending on the circumstances.

If a child is not following through on something they were asked to do, parents can help them to do it, advises Mayo Clinic. Which in a way, this toddler’s father did by helping her get inside, because sometimes parenting requires out-of-the-box thinking when following all the other steps doesn't work.

Instagram users shared their opinions on the dad’s reaction in the comments.

Most social media users found the father's actions comical and a patient response to an obviously frustrating situation, but other users disagreed.

Some commended his response, with one user commenting, “lol I love the calm energy of dad and mind of kid.”

“He worked harder, not smarter, and took the child and the groceries in one trip,” wrote another.

Other users pointed out that dad was just over it that day. “He grabbed her like ‘I’m so over this s---,’” one user wrote.

Another commented, “Dad said not today.”

Others thought he responded inappropriately.

“Why not just take him on hands?" one user commented. "For me it looks abusive.”

“If you leave her eventually she will walk," advised another. "I work in ABA this kind of reinforcing behavior because she knows you won’t leave her. I would walk to the porch and watch her and when she's ready, she will walk up.”

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