Vacations for friends and family can take a lot of planning, and well not everything always goes as planned. Flight delays, cancellations, and illnesses often play a role in upending vacation plans, and tourist destinations take that knowledge and work to make vacations easier to plan and try and create a transparent schedule when it comes to upcoming closures, openings, and refurbishments.

Universal Studios  (CMCSA) - Get Free Report wants to help make its guests have the best experience possible and do its best to help avoid disappointment for visitors. Universal Studios keeps the public as up to date as possible about closures. This helps travelers plan to either see other attractions while something is closed for either maintenance or refurbishment or have the knowledge upfront that they won’t get to see and or experience a certain attraction. 

Even with all the transparency of refurbishment closures and scheduled maintenance, things just ‘come up.’ Just as travelers experience unexpected setbacks, so do theme parks. Unexpected closures that can be avoided, and most likely would be. So when an attraction needs to be closed, it is not ideal for either party, the theme park or the tourists, but is sadly necessary.

While many would expect that children are the theme park guests who can get the most upset over a closure and not being able to do the planned activity, there is another group of people who might be more invested in their vacation, Harry Potter fans.

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Harry Potter Attraction Abrupt Closure 

Potterheads aka Harry Potter Fanatics have the reputation of being a little over the top when it comes to how they expect their trip to Universal Studios’ Wizarding World. More fans than one would expect actually get pretty emotional about visiting the theme park. The park is as much like the actual stories as possible. This isn’t by accident. Harry Potter author J.K. Rowlings’ intention was to make the theme park as magical as can be and keeping to the story lines as wizardly possible.

Abrupt might be a strong word for the closing of Universal’s Harry Potter attraction that shut down this month. Did Universal Studios close with zero notice? No. However, when it comes to how far out friends and family plan vacations, it might feel like it was given with almost no notice, since plans are made weeks, months and even over a year in advance. Travelers who had their hopes of catching the nighttime sky light up over Hogwarts Castle are sure to be deeply disappointed, and if they were able would have tried to move their vacation plans up, just for a chance to catch the show. 

Harry Potter’s Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle closed on May 9 with no mention of when the so-called temporary closure would reopen.

Universal Orlando Resort describes The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts as: "On select nights, watch in awe from Hogsmeade village as projections are cast against the majestic backdrop of the castle. Embrace your Hogwarts pride as the four houses are celebrated in stunning light and sound. It's a beautiful way to end your day at Universal's Islands of Adventure."

The attraction closed to “make way for future show enhancements,” according to Inside the Magic. No word on what these future show enhancements will be, but its sure to be awe inspiring when the attraction rereleases. 

Potterheads to Find New Endings to Wizardly Day

Guests who visited the Wizarding World at Universal Studios had what some may consider the greatest end to what might have been the best day ever. Harry Potter fanatics and fans alike would enjoy the immersive experience throughout the Wizarding World attractions. The perfect end to a perfect visit would be the Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle. The night would light up highlighting the four different houses, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Gryffindor through the use of projections on the Hogwarts Castle featuring lighting, music and fireworks.

Now with the temporary closure of Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle, Harry Potter fans might think the nighttime sky seems bleak, but guests can enjoy the evening hours same as before enjoying a Butterbeer, which is considered a sort of rite of passage for Potterheads. Guests with dairy allergies now get to enjoy the fan favorite Butterbeer as well. This beverage is creamy and ‘butterscotchy’ and the dairy free versions can be enjoyed frozen or cold. While mixologist have not yet figured out the hot Butterbeer dairy free recipe, one can only hope that when the nights get cool, even dairy sensitive Potterheads can enjoy it while its hot.