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THE CRUELLEST THINGS .................


You see what i was  saying .....'i told you so didn't i'.......its true no one listens ..........nah!!!!!!just fucking with you ........when you area  doctor  can  get away with lots of shit ........i think ......i have an amazing doctor  ....he is  probably the  greatest i have ever  had .......and  had  him years  and no i will not  give you his  name ........ also he is  the  cooleest and my dermatologist   truly  amazing genuis  skin man they say in the  culinary world ......"he knows his onion's......... .......well i have heard the term used in kitchens ........ ...not  great kitchens......... and  have worked in some  crazy   kitchens........ in my life the way on the  subject of kitchens....... i am not sure how  chefs can work in these fucking asylums....... what they are .........especially here in Florida  the  loony asylum of  the world is  ....and the places  here are  fucking loonie .......however i got off track again sorry folks i always do .....!!!!!oh well ....but here are 21 times docs have been cruel .......its a  crap shoot  going to the doctors i have been to many  ....and i mean.... many many doctors here and in the UK i have had many....... many ........and  mean....... many...... injuries........ operations......... and  diseases ....and i held together  with coat hangers.........and   blood glue ........really............ had a shit load of  injuries  .....worse when i was  a kid .....many....... many........  tines hospitals ......

However .........doctors they are  amazing.......... i will never  condescend them .....them .............and  surgeons.......... they are true pioneers..........  of  our world.............the stuff they do is  amazing ...........anyways before i forget are 21 things a doc might say .......................

21 Times Doctors Said The Cruelest Things To Their Patients, Unfortunately Leaving A Damaging Mark

Recently Reddit user u/Silent-Zebra asked the Reddit community: "What's the worst thing a doctor has ever said to you?"

A sinister looking doctor putting on his rubber gloves
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Their stories are truly unbelievable, and I can't believe these doctors had the audacity to say such gruesome things to their patients.

Tyler James Williams in "Abbott Elementary"
Tyler James Williams in "Abbott Elementary"


So here are some of the most horrific things doctors have actually said to people:

Warning: Some stories include topics of verbal abuse, anti-mental health language, and drug abuse. Please proceed with caution.

1."In middle school, I was seeing a psychiatrist for generalized anxiety and a panic disorder. I had been struggling with my weight because I was too anxious to eat and at one point I was about 15 pounds underweight. I started taking antidepressants and I gained weight once my anxiety started improving. One day, my psychiatrist brought me over to a scale so he could weigh me. He told me that I needed to watch what I was eating because I was 'starting to get fat.'"

"I was finally at the low end of a healthy weight after struggling for months and it was such a blow to my self-esteem after all the progress I had made. I broke out in tears as soon as he said that because it crushed me. My mom yelled at him, we walked out of his office, and never came back."


2."I was in the room when a doctor said to my husband: 'I’m not going to figure out what it is. If it was serious, you’d be dead by now.' We later found out that my husband’s uncle saw this same doctor before he was diagnosed with colon cancer. By the time another doctor found it, it was too late and said there was no way it should have been missed."


3."I'd constantly complain to my doctor that I couldn’t breathe when I would walk and I would feel shortness of breath, I was always tired and fatigued and I would get dizzy if I walked for too long. She always brushed it off and told me to get more sleep or drink more water even though I was getting plenty of both. Finally I made an appointment to talk to her face to face and she flat out just told me I was lazy and needed to exercise more. I was so embarrassed because I went with my husband and she made me feel like I was just this lazy couch potato."

Doctor giving patient bad news

4."When I was around seven years old, a doctor told my parents I had gotten used to all the attention after having an emergency appendectomy and was pretending to still be in excruciating pain. In reality, they'd left acid around and it was literally burning tissue and creeping over to my liver then I spent a month in the hospital. A different doctor who used to be a family friend once told my six-year-old sister that Tourettes Syndrome wasn't real and she needed to stop faking it. I can't tell you how damaging that was and what it took to help her feel secure with her tics again."


5."My mum smashed her shoulder to pieces in New Zealand, and she sat in the emergency room for hours, shivering and rocking back and forth. She asked for pain relief several times and they didn't arrive until someone finally saw her x-ray, then everyone came running to help her. She was told: 'We've had rugby players with that kind of injury and they roll around on the floor screaming, so we didn't think you were in that much pain.'"


6."I was 14 years old when I started to take medicine where I was forbidden to get pregnant because there would be horrible birth defects. So in order to get that medicine, I needed to be on birth control. My doctor asked me if I was a virgin which I confirmed. He called in a nurse and told me he needed to do a quick exam to confirm this before prescribing birth control. He said: 'This might hurt, so the nurse will hold your hand' and then he broke my hymen, which hurt like hell."

Male gynecologist performing on female patient

7."A friend of mine overheard a neurosurgeon looking at the CT of her son's brain and say: 'There's no point in doing this one. This kid is done. I'm out of here.' The good news is another neurosurgeon did the surgery and the kid, who’s now 40 years old, is perfectly fine today."


8."A doctor told me: 'Welp, looks like you're probably going to go blind!' While I have visions of myself walking about tapping a white cane in front of me, he blithely adds: 'But don't worry about it. Corneal transplants are 99% effective, you'll be fine.' I did have transplants later when my eyesight got bad enough to warrant it, and they worked a miracle."


9."After a horrific car accident I was in unbearable pain. My doctor looked at my X-rays and in the most condescending way said to me: 'I hope you have a good attorney, you may never be the same again.' I went from being in the best shape of my life to losing more than 50 pounds after the accident — I looked like a prisoner of war. After months of painful physical therapy at a place I referred to as 'the land of the misfit toys,' I eventually made it back."


10."When I went to my gyno a few years ago after the check-up, he asked me: 'What’s your husband’s name?' I said I didn’t have a husband. Then he asked for my boyfriend’s name, and I said I didn’t have one. 'Wow, you just go through a lot of batteries,' the doctor said. I’ve had doctors say really shitty things to me, and I would say this is shocking."

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11."A couple of years ago, I went to the doctor for headaches and stress. I took some tests and an MRI because of the headaches. The doctor told me to take a vacation and relax, that I was probably just overworking myself and stressed from my business. So I took my whole family on a nice getaway to the Smokey Mountains and rented a nice private cabin. I woke up early one morning, checked my email, and saw a message from my doctor that included the results of my MRI."

"It said: 'The results of your MRI have been reviewed by our medical team and we have found a large brain tumor on all of the scans. Please contact us immediately to schedule more testing and to speak with a neurosurgeon.' Try relaxing on vacation after reading that."


12."I asked for a professional opinion from my primary care doctor about something regarding the neurological disorder I was recently diagnosed with and I was told some crap about prayer and God's plan. We stopped going to that office. I also overheard a doctor call me a hypochondriac and say I was faking my knee pain."

"16 years later, it still fucking hurts and randomly gives out on me. I was kicked in the knee cap during a soccer game and had a habit of walking with my weight on my arches, both of which screwed up my knee. Physical therapy only helped so much."


13."When I was 19, my primary care doctor, who was a man, told me he could do a pap smear for me at my physical. When I told him I already had a gynecologist he said: 'I can do it professionally or personally.' Needless to say, I reported him and never saw him again."


14."I was newly sober and had to have most of my teeth pulled. The dental surgeon poked around at my healed track marks then brought all his staff in to look at them. He accused me of 'taking cocaine and xanax' the night before and threatened not to put me under because of that. It was humiliating on a level I cannot explain. I was already humiliated and embarrassed at the shape of my mouth, and all I could do was politely sit there and take it, wait for him to finish and do his job. What an asshole."

Dentist performing exam on woman
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15."My GP told me that she thinks other doctors prescribe antidepressants too easily and she told me to just exercise more and take supplements. I went to another doctor and he said I had pretty severe depression and offered to prescribe me antidepressants. My general practitioner also prescribed me birth control pills because of a hormone imbalance, but she told me that it won’t prevent pregnancy. I went to another doctor and she told me it does, in fact, prevent pregnancy."


16."I was told I obviously didn't dislocate my knee — I had put it back in myself before I went to the emergency room — because it wasn't swollen like a balloon. Then the doctor proceeded to push my knee down flat after it had seized in a bent position to put a stretchy bandage on it. I went back two days later because I lost feeling in my toes since the knee pinched nerves."

"They did an MRI and I had a complete tear of the ACL and my bones in the shin bone and femur were bright white from the bone bruises and fractures. I absolutely dislocated my knee and the doctor just smashed my knee down, making it worse."


17."I was 19 years old and 21 weeks pregnant when I was told at my 20-week scan that my cervix was dilating so I needed to take it easy, but the baby was perfectly fine and healthy. Not even a week after the scan, I was in the hospital bleeding and having contractions. They called it a 'threatened miscarriage.' The next day, the OB-GYN in charge came in to discuss the situation and I asked him if there was any way to stop the contractions and keep my baby in until he was viable. What he said made my blood run cold: 'Miscarriage is just nature's quality control.'"

Woman crying in hospital room

18."My doctor told me: 'It's time for you to go back to your normal life and push through the pain. There's nothing wrong with you.' I broke down crying. He told me I was being overly emotional and stressing myself out over nothing. I actually have an extremely rare genetic mutation that affects the extracellular matrix of my cells, resulting in improperly formed/functioning connective tissue throughout my entire body. I had developed fibromyalgia to boot, enhancing all of that pain to a point where I struggled to walk."


19."When I was 25, I went to a gynecologist and told him: 'I want to discuss birth control options.' He picked up my left hand and replied: 'I don’t see a wedding ring on this finger.'"


20."My doctor immediately said my symptoms were from an STD, then doubled down saying I was lying about my sexual activity. I told him I thought I had a kidney infection and he said it didn't make sense. When he did all the blood work it came back negative for STDs. What was it? A damn kidney infection."


21."I went to see my doctor about a pain I'd been feeling in my lower left abdomen for a couple days. He asked me a few questions, waved his hand, and said: 'It's just a pulled muscle, don't worry about it. But, I am going to talk to you about that tattoo on your arm.' He proceeded to lecture me about the risks of tattoos and how unclean tattoo parlors are because they use the same needles over and over, the ink is synthetic, and I have plastic in my skin. He gave me all of this outdated information they used to scare people with in the '80s and '90s. I was 31 and he was talking down to me like I was a kid."

Man with tattoos talking to doctor in exam room

Note: Some stories have been edited for length and/or cla

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