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Let's start with a contradiction. There is nothing "unsexy" about a woman you love.

If you love her — truly love her — her every atom is a source of wonder. Her thoughts and moods are the stuff of dreams.

When she moves, your heart skips and your stomach flips. This is about more than breasts, bottoms, and the bedroom. Much more.

Love for a woman — romantic love for any human being — is a feeling so deep that it transcends hormonal responses. At any given moment in your life, the love you feel for your partner can (and should) scramble your brain and upend your world. That's the attraction. The feeling of being alive.

So, never mind that whole "unsexy" thing. You know what we mean by that, anyway. Sure, her eyes, hair, legs, and every other sensuous part of her will drive you wild. That's good. That's healthy. That's a big part of love and of life.

What we really wanted to know, though, was what subtle, sometimes overlooked aspect of women do men really notice? Not only notice but remember.

To find that answer, we checked in with a panel of YourTango Experts. Their unsexy (and extremely enlightening) answers are below. 

Relationship experts share the unsexy female body parts (or other traits) men are obsessed with:

1. Every tiny detail, from head to toes

As a newlywed, I asked my husband to tell me what he liked about me when we first married. I was in my 20s and insecure about my large-ish hips, which ironically, became en-vogue when I was in my 40s. I hated my hips because they were two to three sizes bigger than my top.

I'd gotten derogatory comments from men such as "You have child-bearing hips." or "You've got your weight in the wrong place," Needless to say these meet-ups didn't progress to a second date. But they still affected me. I got my weight down to the place my ribs showed on top, but I was still two sizes bigger on the bottom. I'm still a pear shape.

What to do? Find someone who loves me the way I am. And I did. Every single time I cornered my husband, asking him to identify my best features or his favorite physical attributes, he would give me a simple answer. "Everything," "all of you" or "the whole package."

He healed me into loving my entirety, and that's my hope for all women. Love every part of you because it's what makes you uniquely you. These days, I love my hips as much as my intellect. And my life partner did all along.

Kathryn Ramsperger, author of two romantic literary sagas

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2. The alluring and sensitive clavicle

Men's and women's likes and dislikes about each other's bodies are very personalized and offer diverse tastes. Based on my experience of working with couples, here are a few things that men love about women.

The collarbone is the new “G spot” that often attracts men to women. It acts like a platform of pause and cushion while moving down and helps the couple to get used to each other and be engulfed in the emotional energy exchange. The pause at the collarbone is often valued as respect and an unspoken word to listen to each other in silence. 

The scent of a woman is yet another unusual thing in females that men love a lot.

It is really not a body part, but this is an essential attribute of almost all of the human body. The smell of a woman's body is the first identifier that men understand and feels to understand readiness and acceptance to lovemaking. Furthermore, this smell is not limited to any specific body part, but rather the distinctive smell of her entire body.

Sidhharrth S Kumaar, Astro numerologist and relationship coach

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3. Every dimension of her — including her soul

I can't relate to the idea of picking a part of women's bodies and saying it's unsexy because, to me, love is three-dimensional. 

When it comes to my wife, I love her soul and her whole body. Just before we go to sleep every night, she rolls over on her side and I snuggle up and hold her tight, her body so close to mine we feel as one. I fall off to sleep feeling like the luckiest man on the planet, loved and in love.

Some might say spooning isn’t particularly sexy or intimate, but to me, it is both. A deep soul connection that will never be broken. That is three-dimensional love, the kind that cannot be picked apart or reduced to one thing.

Tom Matlack, writer, speaker, and men's health advocate

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Carter Gaddis is the senior editor for experts and wellness with YourTango.

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