Awoman is going viral on Twitter after she was heard calling another female the N-word and instantly played the victim card when she was confronted about it. In a video clip posted on the social media platform over the weekend, some sort of argument erupted inside a store and the women engage in a back-and-forth, hurling insults at each other as they walk down an aisle.

karen racist beatdown
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But things took a turn for the worse when the white woman, who Twitter is referring to as “Karen,” is clearly heard calling the Black woman the N-word, and at that point, all hell breaks loose. “Oooh, I’m about to beat her a**,” she says as she follows her out of the store. “Karen” clearly didn’t expect the woman to trail behind her as she sat next to a man — who ironically happens to be Black — before getting her hair pulled back.

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“Karen” screams for help and asks the man to protect her, yelling “Help me, help me,” but after he learns about what she had called the Black woman, he eventually gives up trying to protect her and lets her fight her own battle. “Karen” is so shaken up by the physical altercation that she profusely apologizes before the clip cuts off. No word on how the situation ended, but we’d like to assume she’ll rethink her choice of words when arguing with people of color in the future.

Since the video was first posted, people have been leaving all sorts of reactions in the comment section, praising the Black woman for not only defending herself but letting it be known that racism won’t be tolerated by any means. Other Twitter users said that they don’t condone violence but understood why things ended up turning physical, adding that in this case, it was justified.

“What’s the problem, she told her to bring it and it was brought. What’s with the crying, she asked for it and got it! And she still needs another one,” another person in the comment section wrote.

“She called them the N-word with her whole chest….then casually went outside to cuddle with her black man IN THE SAME parking lot? SCALP HER!” a fourth person said, clearly in defense of the Black woman.

America has come a long way in the fight against racism. Unfortunately, racism is still very much alive and well in America today, and it is impacting the lives of countless Black people across the country. In recent years, we have also seen a rise in what has been dubbed “Karens,” a term used to describe white women who display entitled and aggressive behavior towards people of color. Today, we will unpack the ugly truth about how racism and Karens are poisoning America.

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The reality is that racism and Karens are not only still present in America today but are also growing in prevalence. Black people are twice as likely as white people to be killed by police officers, and they are also more likely to experience discrimination in everyday life, such as being followed in stores or ignored by salespeople. Karens, too, are becoming more common, with incidents of white women calling the police on Black people for simply existing in public spaces becoming all too frequent.

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