Samantha Fox "wouldn't encourage" young girls to follow in her footsteps.

Samantha Fox doesn't want young girls to follow in her footsteps
Samantha Fox doesn't want young girls to follow in her footsteps© Provided by BANG Malaysia

The 56-year-old singer - who shot to stardom as a glamour model in the 1980s - believes that social media has created new pressures for young women.

Speaking to Jackie Brambles on her Greatest Hits Radio show, Samantha explained: "I wouldn't encourage it these days - there's no Page Three anymore and now I think all the reality stars are like the new glamour girls.

"There's so much pressure on young girls now to look a certain way and if I did have a young daughter, I probably wouldn't let her look on social media until she was a certain age.

"I know young girls of 14 and 15 and they want to get Botox, big lips ... I mean they are so young and I'd be a bit scared for my daughter to go out in that world at the moment because there is so much pressure on the way you should look."

Samantha thinks women should actually be encouraged to "grow old gracefully".

The 'Touch Me' hitmaker also believes that the landscape has changed since the start of her own career.

Samantha said: "The way I believe people should look is to grow old gracefully, but that's my feelings about it and everyone's got their choice.

"But I think young girls start so early and it's just such a shame. And girls are looking very, very similar and back in the day it was all about individuality, about being that girl next door and being approachable.

"I was the girl next door, I was approachable, and I think it's really, really changed and I'd be a bit scared for my kids to go into that business now, I really would."