Monday, March 13, 2023

from soap to oil !!!!!!!!>.....

Let's be honest.......... if ya gonna get caught stealing lost your rep after  stealing used cooking oil ......i mean wtf !!!!!!!...........steal something worth stealing  a yacht/lambo/merc/money /harley .......used cooking oil are gonna get fucked in jail for  being a pussy !!!!!!!!!.....i mean i am nuts  /.......... but i am not  going to fucked for stealing cooking oil .....i mean.......... did he fall of the soap star wagon  ....he could have done gay porn.......... or  whoring .........but cooking oil   ....that's  embarrassing .......shit to steal much money is  in re used   cooking oil ......hie family must be  emvarrased as  fuck i would  be ......

Former ‘One Life To Live’ Star Arrested For Stealing Used Cooking Oil

The actor was arrested earlier this month in Hudson County, New York.

Former soap actor Forbes March, who starred in One Life to Live and other soap operas, was arrested in Hudson County, New York, in early March for grand larceny.

March allegedly stole used cooking oil from a diner with an estimated worth of more than $1,000.

According to the Ulster Police Department, March siphoned the oil from a storage container owned by a company called Buffalo Biodiesel with another man named Oscar Guardado, who was also arrested. The storage container was located behind a restaurant called Michael's Diner.

The arrest occurred on March 2 at around 10 p.m. After, the two men were released to face charges of grand larceny in the fourth degree in court at a later date.

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Used cooking oil can be used to make biofuel, and it's a big industry. As a result, the theft of used cooking oil is just as substantial.

The president of Buffalo Biodiesel, Sumit Majumdar, told KTLA late last year that thefts are "wiping out a third of [their] business." He went on, "To put that into numbers: $10 million to $15 million a year.”

Describing what people do with the oil after they steal it, Majumdar said, "They’ll aggregate that oil and sell it through a broker, so that way, it’s kind of washed. And it’ll go off to a refinery, and they’re making a lot of money."

During his acting days, March played Nash Brennan in more than 200 episodes of One Life to Live, as well as Scott Chandler in All My Children at the end of the '90s. His last soap opera role was Mason Jarvis in As the World Turns, while he also appeared in the TV series Mutant X and a handful of other projects.

March retired from acting and now owns and operates The New York Firewood Company, a firewood delivery service in the Catskills.

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