Saturday, February 25, 2023

NEVER HEARD OF HER BUT HEY !!!!!!!!........

 I have never heard of her before .......well becuase i hate tik tok ./////you kow that chinese owned  company that  uses people  who wanna  be used  sort of  deal ..............but i am not  saying i will not watcha  hottie..........  dancing on tik tok siorreeeee!!!!bob ........what hot blooded male does not  wanna see a hot babe ......unless you are unhappily married.......... and  not porking your wife.......... and hate your kids........ and  job.......... and  goiving all your hard earned money to her........ and  getting nothing in return ........however that's another rant  ........for  another day ....obviously anyways here is a hottie ........ at mardis gras  ......i loved  new orleans ........pre-hurricane katrina ......i have heard it is not the same now  ......people have told me a  million people left new orleans ......and never returned .........

Alix Earle Rang in Mardi Gras in a Red Thongkini and Sheer White Tights

Alix Earle Rang in Mardi Gras in a Red Thongkini and Sheer White Tights

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Throw everything you know about Alix Earle's neutral-glam style out the window — the viral makeup TikToker went above and beyond (!!) with her colorful Mardi Gras looks and we're going to break them down rn.

Even though Alix typically sticks to a minimal color scheme (see: her dark leather Super Bowl party get-up and the moment she matched with Hailey Biebs in head-to-toe black), the beauty guru fully adhered to the extravagant, over-the-top dress code of Mardi Gras for her visit to Louisiana. Alix might not've worn the traditional Carnival colors of purple, green, and gold, but she def brought the sparkly, fearless energy with both of her outfits.

Alix served major Cupid energy in the adorable heart-shaped Cora Bra Top from For Love & Lemons ($159), accessorizing with a red cropped fur coat, a red choker necklace, and (you guessed it) a red cowboy hat. The social media star got creative by styling sheer white tights with red sequin hearts *over* her bikini bottoms, along with a pair of crisp white, heeled booties.

Alix's second Mardi Gras outfit was even more extra. She wore a Barbie pink sequin string bikini with a triangle-style top and high-waisted bottoms layered over sheer fishnet stockings with tiny bows. The TikToker donned chunky platform fur moon boots, carried a fuzzy pink teddy bag, and wore a fur-trimmed sequin cover-up with a hood covering her long blonde hair.

"Everyone: “that’s not what you wear to Mardi Gras” .. me:," Alix joked in the caption of her photo, poking fun at her non-traditional Mardi Gras color scheme.


"U ate idc," encouraged a fan. "If alix is wearing it to Mardi Gras than thats what we're wearing," wrote another.

Alix Earle who is a marketing student at the University of Miami began posting Get Ready With Me videos on TikTok. The Florida-based influencer rose to fame at the end of 2022 as her videos began going viral on the platform. Since then, the makeup lover and stepdaughter of Ashley Dupré has amassed millions of followers seemingly overnight for her down-to-earth beauty videos.

Alix currently has 4.6M followers on TikTok and 2.6M follow

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