Sunday, February 12, 2023

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5 Home Hacks That Will Change Your Life


Admit it! Part of your everyday struggle is how to clean and organize your home. Others say that 24 hours is not enough to do it. Other people are having a hard time thinking about how to clean their pieces of stuff at home.

Today, some people spent most of their time at home. Even if that’s the case, they still find it hard to think of simple ways to clean their things at home. 


Due to the help of some experts, here are the gathered ideas that could change the look of your home.

  1. You can use oils for furnishing your furniture. Are you worrying because your furniture looks old? Well, that isn’t a problem now. Your essential oils at home can solve your problem. According to Jane Wilson of Fantastic Cleaner Melbourne, essential oils are best for cleaning and furnishing your wood furniture at home. 
  2. Use vinegar to take out the odor of your microwave. Others are worrying because of the odor of their microwave. Well, here’s the remedy to such an issue. Putting a bowl of vinegar inside the microwave in five minutes and wiping it out can give you an odor-free microwave. 
  3. You can use mouthwash to clean the toilet bowl. Believe it or not, yes, you read it right. Whenever your toilet is in dire and doesn’t look good, instantly get your mouthwash instead of buying overpriced cleaning products. Pour a capful of mouthwash into your toilet bowl and leave it in an hour. Next, you have the liberty to scrub the dirty part of your toilet bowl.
  4. You can add paper to the bottom part of your trash for liquid absorbent. As we all know, paper is good at absorbing liquid. So before you are going to encounter another mess in your trash bag, add paper to the bottom part of it. 
  5. You can warm a vanilla bean for your house to smell fresh. Air fresheners have different good smells, but using them too much can harm our lungs. Further, using air fresheners can also cause irritation in your eyes. To avoid these dangers, you can boil gently a vanilla bean with some cinnamon cloves (for a spicier scent). You can automatically have a perfume scent in your home without risking your health. 

Cleaning your home is one way of letting your stress out of the box. These are simple ways to solve your cleaning issues at home. When your home looks clean it can help you to feel relaxed and calm.


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