Recently, a famous internet influencer called The Liver King has been exposed as lying on a grand scale.

'I Lied': The $100-Million Fitness Influencer Admits Using Steroids, After Being Exposed
'I Lied': The $100-Million Fitness Influencer Admits Using Steroids, After Being Exposed© Sylvia Silverstone

The Liver King, who touts himself as an "all-natural" bodybuilder and a supporter of an "ancestral lifestyle" has been exposed as a user of steroids for his envy-worthy physique. 

A Youtuber named Derek, whose channel is called More Plates More Dates, has recently revealed a series of emails that showed The Liver King contacting his strength coach for advice on his latest steroid cycle. 

via Youtube/Liver King
via Youtube/Liver King© Provided by Womenio

This came as a shock to many who always looked up to the bodybuilder for having a greek statue-worthy physique, and also because he claimed to achieve these results without using steroids.

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Outwardly denying the usage while promoting his "all-natural" lifestyle, which included eating raw meat like liver(hence, his name).

After being exposed, The Liver King has decided to come clean regarding the exposure of his double life. 

In a video, he admitted that everything he ever said regarding his use of steroids was a lie. He claimed to only have gone with the lie because he thought he wasn't ‘cheating anyone' since he wasn't a professional athlete. 

After this, many viewers find it hard to trust anything The Liver King has ever said, especially regarding his "ancestral lifestyle" tips that he claimed helped him achieve his physique.

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However, many others were less shocked. Many viewers of Derek's video claimed that anyone with ‘two eyes and a brain cell' could look at The Liver King and tell that he wasn't "natty" (a term used to describe someone in the body-building sphere who does not use steroids to achieve his physique).

Another commenter on The Liver King's apology video joked that they were shocked anyone thought he was natural, to begin with. 

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It's not clear if The Liver King will ever be able to bounce back from the scandal as many users are regarding everything he has said or will say as untruthful, with many viewers commenting on his video with their lack of sympathy while also claiming to see the truth for what it is now.